Intel Core i7-965 Extreme Edition Processor (Benchmark Reviews)

In this article Benchmark Reviews covers the Intel Core i7-965 Extreme Edition (XE). We have now had sufficient time to spend with Core i7 series and our knowledge base on these processors and their supporting components has grown exponentially. In our first article, Intel Core i7 CPU & DX58SO X58 Platform we covered most of the available information regarding both the Nehalem Technology and the architecture used with the Intel Core i7 Processor family.

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DJ3652d ago

Mac Pros, along with HDMI and Blu-ray. There's no reason to skimp out on the latter two.

Das Capitolin3651d ago

If Mac began using the Core i7 with SSD's, there would be no stopping them. I am, and almost always have been a PC user; primarily because of the hardware. However, if Apple began building a better computer, then people like me would have good reason to finally say goodbye to Microsoft (and I'm a MCSA who makes a living off of MS products).

Foxgod3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

buy the 720, costs way less, has almost the same performance

I just ordered the 720 with a new miditower, already have 6GB ddr 3 and a gigabyte mobo for the 720.

Next week i will order a Geforce 280 XT, and then its time to assemble it :D
Feels good to have a pc again that blows the 360 and the ps3 out of the water.

SonyOwnsNextYear3651d ago

more power, maybe. Does the pc have the software to make use of that power?

Pc has a couple of ok games, but consoles is where the best games are at

Foxgod3651d ago

yeah, i can finally play stalker clear sky, crysis, its addon, (soon) sims 3, spore, (soon) starcraft 2 and diablo 3, the witcher etch

steve30x3651d ago

Theres one major reason I wont buy this CPU and that is its redicolous price. I am not going to pay the price of a second hand car for a CPU.

Foxgod3651d ago

the 720 is like 280 bucks, and has almost the same performance.

SonyOwnsNextYear3651d ago

lol, only noobs buy the high end cpu's.

you can take a 400$ cpu and overclock it to reach the 2000$ speed.

i dont know about these new cores and what their limits are, but i did the above to a q9450. I actually have it running at 3.8 when its box states 2.6 ghz

Foxgod3651d ago

the i7 720 is 280 bucks, thats way cheaper then 400, and can be overclocked to a level that it even outdoes this 2000 bucks processor.

Das Capitolin3651d ago

The author mentions that this is only for the extreme overclocker that has more money than they can put to good use. Anyone else would be better off with an i7-920.

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gametheory3651d ago

Upgrading your PC every 5 years to the latest of CPU, RAM and GPU specs with the best screen (I'm guessing today it would be a 2500x1600) and best sound system and OS, or upgrading your console with all the needed accesories and services plus the newest HDTV with the highest possible resolution every 5 years? Are these even optimal behaviors for getting the most out for your entertainment needs?

Das Capitolin3651d ago

I've been asking my contacts this very question for the past few months. I honestly don't see how the PC enthusiast market can sustain the hardware growth without matching software; and on the other hand, I don't know how the console market can remain competitive when the games are not backwards compatible.

Simply put, each has a long list of cons. Technology is a like a dog chasing its tail. We can wait and miss out, or wait and save money, or wait and jump on the next wave. It's all cyclical.