GamerTM: Need for Speed Undercover First Look Preview

GamerTM writes: "While EA has been undergoing something of a resurgence in form these last few years, reeling off one impressive game after another, things haven't been going quite so well for its veteran racing franchise, Need for Speed. Sure, things got off to a pretty decent start this generation with Most Wanted, a game which may not have been the deepest or most technical racer ever, but nevertheless provided thrills and spills aplenty back in those early days of the 360. But since then, the series has managed to take a few wrong turns along the way. Carbon, although accessible enough, lacked the raw excitement of Most Wanted. And with even EA's top brass suggesting that last year's ProStreet may have been somewhat out of touch with NFS' core audience, it's fair to say that Need for Speed is sorely in need of a new direction.

Which is where Undercover comes in. Rather than trying to lavish it with technical depth it plainly doesn't need, Black Box has taken the series back to its Most Wanted roots by delivering a cinematic-style seat-of-your-pants driving experience. While this statement is likely to be met with distain from hardcore racer fans used to the more technical charms of Gotham, Forza and the like, those looking for something lighter will almost certainly find Undercover's brief to be music to their ears."

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