Inside the Games Interview with Denis Dyack

Silicon Knights Founder and President talks about everything from Too Human to the extinction of video game consoles, and more.

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ThePimpOfSound3682d ago

Here's the most interesting segment:

"How many games come out in November? Was last year over 350? Is it possible for consumers to even digest that number of games? That is what is called “performance over supply,” where the industry is over supplying what the consumer can actually consume. That model cannot continue, in the long term, anyway."

And I've got to wonder if maybe this anecdote is some sort of metaphor:

"When we were going down to Malibu, we were at a party at a really nice location. I believe the place was in the movie Kiss, Kiss Bang, Bang. Nice pool, overlooks PCH, with ocean views. An inebriated guy jumped in the water and was totally soaked. He decided to dry his pants off in the fire pit near the couch. So he takes his pants off, is in underwear, and throws his pants in the fire. Eventually, they burn of course, to his surprise. People were surprised that they burned – which confuses me, because he put his pants in a fire, after all."

ihaten4glol3682d ago

That same segment stuck out to me, mainly because HOW many movies and CDs are released alongside those games?

cain1413682d ago

Dyack is an amazing guy to talk to if you ever get a chance.