SCEE's Maguire explains why LBP, EyeToy can only be from first-party dev

Games development is expensive. No wonder third party publishers are avoiding exclusives, working on as many multiplatform titles as possible. However, SCEE's Ray Maguire argues that the most innovative creative risks cannot come from third-party ventures. Speaking to, he explains that it's the responsibility of first-party studios like Sony Computer Entertainment to make the most innovative (and perhaps, risky) gaming ventures.

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PirateThom3657d ago

When you look at a lot of Sony games like LocoRoco, LittleBigPlanet and Ico, Sony really does try a lot of crazy ideas.

Arsenal4Ever3656d ago

yeah sony has some cool ideas. I just hope that every 1st party title... is successful. Also i hope GOW3 can look like K2 since its beign developed in Santa Monica SCEA