OXM Interview: Don Mattrick "Invented Avatars"

OXM writes: "Here at OXM we've done enough interviews with high-ranking executives to know they're never that exciting. They tend to stick to the topics their PR department expects them to. Not so Don Mattrick.

We met Microsoft's affable new senior vice president (who had John Schappert, vice president of Xbox Live in tow) at this year's E3, to talk about 'The New Xbox Experience'."

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pansenbaer3661d ago Don Mattrick is the biggest douchebag Microsoft has working for them, EVER. Bring back Peter Moore, at least he was semi-bad-a$$.

"DM: I'm claiming to have invented avatars! I did 4D Sports Boxing! Do you know what 4D Boxing was? Hey, you should be writing this! That was me."

"But write this down! 'Don Mattrick invented avatars for the industry.'"

"There's one competitor, who I won't name, that I think we should send a card and a cake, because they're only just getting to where we were in 2002."

"DM: Yeah, how is that? Isn't that cool?"

"DM: Well, that's us. Microsoft - we bring tears of joy to our customers. Hey! We do!"

Some more laughable points in the interview. This guy is so full of himself, yet he constantly seeks approval from anyone and everyone.

Jecht3661d ago

They bring tears alright, but not of joy.

I'm willing to bet real money that most Microsoft employees DO NOT have a 360. If they did, they'd never be able to try and shovel this B.S. PR down our throats because they'd choke on their own lies.

Microsoft always tries to take credit for things they DIDN'T invent.

JoySticksFTW3661d ago

Right after he invented the heavens, the Earth, the Seas, and Man

No one knew this?

/end sarcasm

LoveWaffles3661d ago

He must have forgot to take it medication or something. As side note his logic is rather interesting

the whole avatar thing is so off the wall. Who the hell really cares who made it first, last, or in between. It depends on how they use them.

But I will use a famous saying Itagaki made famous
the weaker dog barks more (in reference to dm)

One final note I have no problem with the box its their management that i absolutely hate. At least when they had moore it was interesting and see what he did next. But these guys are so sophomoric and juvenile.

Megatron083661d ago

do you seriously think sonys or nintendo is any better ?

NipGrip3661d ago

Is MUCH less.. "Douchebaggy".. Anytime anyone from MS speaks, from Baldy McCool they used to sport to Peter Moore with his stupid tattoos, to this guy now, they just come off as conceited, cooler than you douchebags.

DJ3661d ago

We know, we know...

BanjoKazooieFTW3661d ago

Really, I think that Nintendo is the only company that doesnt make douche comments.
And they're doing just fine..

nirun3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

"You managed to fit in the Final Fantasy XIII reveal, though!

AG: Yeah, I was speaking to someone from one of the blogs who was writing about it with his team from a hotel room. He said when the FFXIII announcement happened people were just freaking out.

Someone told us the person next to them in the audience started crying with happiness.

DM: Well, that's us. Microsoft - we bring tears of joy to our customers. Hey! We do!"

LMAO, i would have punched that idiot in the face to show them what real tears are.

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