Killzone 2 - Beta Gameplay. Online - All modes.

Playstation 3New Killzone 2 beta video showing off the new classes, game modes, and gameplay almost 10 minutes long.

Facts from the vid:
Killzone two allows you to choose from 1-6 of the game Modes online and it will randomly select them in-game. Never coming out, its a great idea and gameplay swaps all the time - you'll be exploring the whole map each game, and the game has certain classes such as scout, medic, saboteur and loads more. You can also mix and match these classes to make your own by unlocking certain traits called "Badges".

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PoSTedUP3638d ago

oh man... looks too good to be true.

ima put that pistol to use, cant wait, only 4 more months! : D

*tears of joy*

PoSTedUP3638d ago

well what time in feb. is it coming out? 3 months! woohoo!

Kleptic3637d ago

GS and Amazon have it listed for feb. 13th, but that date is vague on territories...also that was last week, haven't checked since...

and plays as good as it looks...needs some more control options, which are more or less confirmed to be coming (even coming to the beta)...I was just as excited for this game as the next guy, but have no idea just how good it looks until you have it on a nice TV in front of you...

SonyOwnsNextYear3637d ago

LOL, terrific way to steal thunder from competitors, SONY.

Classic move 2 show off a game your competitors cannot replicate/ steal.

marinelife93637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

The pistol is powerful but slow firing with limited range. But a few well placed shots will bring them down if you get the jump on them. But if you both get the bead on each other at the same time they'll hand you your @$$ with the automatic rifle.

himdeel3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

...I kind of like the idea of having the friendly fire being on. This game looks so good and for me it adds that extra touch of realism. Likewise I think it will encourage more people to get mics and ups the skill level for everyone especially if you're truly working in a team. I really want to be able to join a clan with this game and have some awesome deathmatches.

himdeel3637d ago

...the grenade explosion causes his camera to fall over. :) OWNED!!

Nathaniel_Drake3637d ago

Speaking of team work....

I remember last night near the end of a round there was a enemy coming across a bridge and one of my teammates was standing in the middle of the bridge firing off from it

I was running to find more enemies when I was in the room before the bridge looking out at my teammate about 30 ft from me and I saw the enemy creep towards him as my teammate didn't see him as he was shooting enemies below him

So I crouched and started shooting through the gap he had so I wouldn't hit him and I killed the enemy and my teammate didn't get creeped up on and die

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omodis4203638d ago

This game is going to be sick.

RPG Guy3638d ago

Though with Resistance packing a full game right now, my beta play has been limited. Still, it's incredible despite being very basic at the moment. GG has lived up to my expectations, which is saying a lot. Not much longer now, smart to have this out prior to christmas. May not be the game, but atleast the beta will have friends being shown the muscle of the PS3.

loslonelyman3638d ago

And this game pays homage to COD4 in every way shape and form.Badges are a perk system(already level6!). The graphics upscale perfect to 1080p(you need 120 hertz capable TV though or it will get fuzzy on quick movements). The greatest addition that Infinity Ward missed is a Socom-esque Clan Support System, the joy it will bring everyone will be amazing,R2 Collectors edition sits lol, i got Killzone biatches :-)

Why o why3637d ago

im not a fan of lcd's for gaming. They cant deal with the fast movement as well as the plasmas do imo.

TheExecutive3637d ago

or a DLP for that matter, and the badge system is more like a homage to TF2. I hear it plays a lot like COD4 but everything has 'real' weight to it.

joydestroy3637d ago

i own a higher end 52" Samsung me, it handles just well. melts my eyes out of my head every time i look at it.

is there a way to still get into the beta, anyone know?

Harry1903637d ago

My beta has been locked because I shared.

Sarcasm3637d ago

Not so sure about that one. I've shared the SOCOM beta, Resistance 2 beta, and now the Killzone 2 beta. I've never been locked out of either one.

Panthers3637d ago

Some people get caught, some dont.

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