IGN: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Review

IGN writes: "You may think you know about the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, but you don't. In Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3's alternate history, it's the Allies launching a surprise attack on Hawaii, a longtime stronghold of the Empire of the Rising Sun, and that's just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Red Alert 3 puts tongue firmly in cheek and dreams up a bizarre world where armored bears parachute from the sky, transformable Japanese mecha wreak havoc, and Mount Rushmore is actually a secret military facility where Honest Abe's head shoots deadly laser beams out of his eyes."

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WhittO3688d ago

not that good, can see why EA all of a sudden want it on ps3 aswell.

Montrealien3688d ago

8 + is fine, I got the game on PC and i`m having good old school RTS fun with it.

ThanatosDMC3688d ago

They finished the game. But it wasnt as good as they would have hoped so they gotta focus on profit because of their loss capital during development.

SL1M DADDY3688d ago

Not that I will buy it but since the PS3 allows for Keyboard AND Mouse support, these games would definitely benefit.

theEnemy3688d ago

That would be good.

And if RA3 (PS3) is a success by implementing full mouse and keyboard support, Blizzard might join in the action and port Starcract 2 or Diablo III into the PS3 too.

Oh boy, I can only dream. :)

na2ru13688d ago

from PSN. I'm on it all the time in train journeys. the music in no.1 is still the best

Gothdom3688d ago

As soon as the PS3 version comes out, I'll buy it. I would buy it for my PC, but it's too old. Upgrading it would cost too much.

Also, I prefered Kari Wuhrer's Tania. But I don't like blondes.