Subverse interview with Studio FOW - Kickstarter, lewd games, censorship and the Tim Pool aftermath

"Just recently I got the chance to do an interview with Studio FOW. So we ended up talking about everything from their upcoming 18+ erotic sci-fi/RPG "Subverse", lewd games/movies, censorship to the Tim Pool aftermath." - Robin Ek, TGG.

poppinslops4d ago

Hey, thanks for asking my Witcher question - wish he'd said the film was 'cumming soon', but I can understand why they're focused on their game... Either way, I'm sure the ever-expanding SFM/Blender community will provide me with more than enough material to 'pass the time' while I wait!

TGG_overlord4d ago

You are most welcome =) That is true, but they made it very clear that the game is a huge project for them. So that's their nr 1 focus right now. Hehe ;)