Tabata or No Tabata, Square Enix Needed to Move on From Final Fantasy XV

Twinfinite: “It seems Final Fantasy XV is done for after Hajime Tabata has resigned. And honestly, I'm actually relieved. It was high time Square Enix moved on.”

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Elda35d ago

True! It's time to concentrate on KH3,FFVII:R,new ip's & hopefully FFXVI.

-Foxtrot35d ago

Lets just be thankful he won't have any influence for FFXVI

Now can we go back to turn based please, it's still popular they just need to update it.

Old Fantasy setting, no modern or Sci-Fi stuff, classic roles for characters, airship gained during the story not after.

manaxknight135d ago

Maybe a ffvi remake like the secret of Mana remake they made.

goldwyncq35d ago

Just play the old games then if you want more of the same.

By the way, every Final Fantasy game released has Sci-Fi stuff in it, even the very first one.

-Foxtrot34d ago

"just play the old games"

....oh that excuse

He went there...

tulholdren35d ago

Now maybe we can get a group of both male and female party members. Didn't like the all male chorus run in this game.

AnnaDea35d ago

Good luck trying to regain the trust of the fans after this.

FF XVI need to one hell of a complete experience. Well, they have FF VIIR first so. Soon 5 years in development.... GG Square Enix

Matrix635d ago

No more D1 buys from me with any SE games. Prices of their more popular franchises/published releases plummet so far these days!

Sirk7x35d ago

I really wish they would have finished the damn game.

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The story is too old to be commented.