Edge: Stardock's Copyright Security Solution

On Friday, Stardock CEO Brad Wardell revealed to Edge that his company is developing a non-intrusive copyright security solution for external publishers.

The initiative came in the wake of The Gamer's Bill of Rights, which implores game makers to ditch obnoxious copy protection methods. Stardock has been an advocate of non-intrusive copy protection for years, selling commercially successful games such as Galactic Civilizations and Sins of a Solar Empire that have no copy protection.

But as Stardock approached major publishers to agree to the terms of the Bill, they were still unwilling to go DRM-free.

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Close_Second3702d ago

...I really could not give a flying f**k what the solution is as long as it:

a - does not impede my ability to on-sell the game once I decide to sell it.

b - It makes games cheaper to buy. I'm amazed how so many publishers point the finger at pirating as the reason that games are so expensive. However, the platform that is responsible for the most pirating (i.e. the PC) often has the lowest price for new release games and on a console like the PS3 where there is no pirating, we pay a much higher price.