Assassin's Creed Odyssey 4K Gameplay Impressions XB1X - CG

CG writes: We have just posted our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey 4K gameplay video which takes a look at the early part of the game on Xbox One X. Ubisoft has certainly produced a very nice looking game but there are some issues with performance. That said, this is a pre-release version and perhaps they will update to get better results.


Updated gameplay video submitted - coolbeans

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Jinger180d ago

Is that just your Video Capture that is causing the framerate to look like crap?

Baza180d ago

There’s issues with performance beacsue it’s on Xbox.

Jinger180d ago

I don't believe you. Because the Xbox One X handles the AC Origins just fine and plenty of other open world games without that crazy amount of frame drops.

cartoonx1180d ago

article is updated, so its probably down to capturing device.

rakentaja180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

The new Tomb Raider looks much better but yes the game is not fully open But I would like it to be so in the next game because the barriers are never good.

Hungryalpaca180d ago

There isn’t a next tomb raider. The reboots are done

optimus180d ago

what is done is the story of how lara is still a kid and became the tomb raider we are used to. there will be more tomb raider games for sure with a grown and more mature Lara.

Larrysweet180d ago

Nah shadow tanked sells wise and all ac games buggy at launch so was orgins took months be perfect

Larrysweet180d ago

Yes x still has issues performance

Firebird360180d ago

This is a pre release build. The final game has no issues with performance and looks phenomenal.