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ActualWhiteMan7d ago

Can’t wait for kernel exploit 5.50 to finally be released.

nucky647d ago

it's kind of sad that's the sort of thing you look forward to.

PirosThe4th7d ago

True now that 6.00 got release.
5.55 will be hacked!!

FallenAngel19847d ago

I hope this being a whole number update that it’d come with a lot of substantial stuff

On a side note it’s interesting to see that PS4 received update 6.00 today and Switch will receive update 6.0.0 next week

ziggurcat7d ago

"I hope this being a whole number update that it’d come with a lot of substantial stuff"

it doesn't, sadly. it comes with a whole lot of nothing.

chris2356d ago

your hope is going to be so scattered :P

vicheous7d ago

Better search function on the PSN store is in this update!

zivtheawesome7d ago

that is not part of the update, i had that with a 5.5 version. it was an update to their store not the OS.

ziggurcat7d ago

That was available for anyone, it was not a 6.00 feature. They update the store independently of the FW.

zivtheawesome7d ago

so far... i don't see anything changed. hopefully, sony are waiting for increased adoption of the system update to enable name change.

Master of Unlocking7d ago

Stop being deluded, "increased adoption of the system update"...LOL. They're never going to add it, they won't, they can't, It's probably a bit of both, the people at Sony in charge of developping these FW updates are incompetent slackers, I have dowloaded FW update 6.0, it's been on my PS4 Pro for over an hour, there's NOTHiNG new, no BC with PS1 titles, no PSN handle change, no support for HEVC/H.265, no nothing people want, Sony's FW updates are a joke, they should let their devs like Naughty Dog or Guerilla Games handle them, but nooo, somewhere (probably in Japan) you have a tiny team of broken arms that insists to try and show that they can, but we all know they don't have a clue, and simply obey Sony that tell them to just implement counter-piracy measures in these trash FW updates and not bother with anything else and just type the same old "improves system stability" drivel, because hey, why not? We're so far ahead of the competition this gen, right? Who cares what the users of our product want when we've sold over double the amount of systems our main comp'?
Well let me say this: I hope next gen Sony take a beating and are stuck in 2nd or 3rd position. THEN we'll get stuff we'll ask for in our FW updates, mark my words. Well, not that I'll care because I'm so fed up with that sh!t company's incomprehensible whims that I'll probably have moved on to PC, because I'm not going to keep supporting a company that openly expresses disdain for their consumers when they should be kissing their feet.

generic-user-name7d ago

Shawn Layden heavily implied it's being worked on at last PSX and when he was asked on stage he said something along the lines of 'let's put it this way, I'm hoping you won't need to ask me the same question this time next year'.

zivtheawesome7d ago

i'm pretty sure someone who decompiled the previous system update found in their that the user id was already changed internally to numbers instead of a name, not impossible to imagine that they added the option to actually change the name id with this update once adoption rate increases.

crazyCoconuts7d ago

Lol, can't I'm as angry as you are about it, but I don't understand why they wouldn't at least have a few developers constantly enhancing the firmware. They were good earlier in the PS4 lifecycle with adding features but seems like they're nearing completion now. Maybe those guys are already working on the firmware for the next PlayStation?

chrisco84au7d ago

That was a bit of an excessive rant do we not think?

Vizigoth047d ago

You probably don't play any PS4 videogames on top of all that rant do you?

yeahokwhatever7d ago

its as if you dont understand what a firmware update is...

Sm30006d ago

Master of unlocking, you may have come off a little rough around the edges, but you're not off the mark. True words sometime hurt. But of course, the Sony stans here will not have that, hence the downvotes.
Witty replies sure to follow. (Btw, I love sony since the 90s)

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ziggurcat7d ago

I was in the beta, they didn’t add a damned thing. Absolutely terrrible.

Liqu1d7d ago

That makes no sense. If name changes were part of 6.00 then it would be there from day 1.

chris2357d ago (Edited 7d ago )

i don‘t have even turned on notifications of dudes going on- or offline. the only functions i am using on my ps4 is youtube, netflix and games. to me personally the psn gets worse with every update. so much unnecessary stuff, what do i care about what other dudes are playing or doing or not doing. so much potential for a great user experience wasted. good thing the ps4 is delivering on its core business: great games.

Apocalypse Shadow7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

You must not have relatives or friends.

But, it is your choice after all.

Hopefully there is some good improvements. My dash slows down sometimes. And I get booted out of the store when I'm browsing too long. Unless it's crashing for no reason.

Deathdeliverer7d ago

I like seeing what others are doing/ have done because it helps me see potential invites for games we are both currently playing. Also, for example, I got 4 blackout beta codes and I don’t need any of them cause I’m already in. I look at my friends activities and see who plays shooters but has not played the beta yet. Then I send them a code. I use my custom friends list to put the people I play with most in so I can quickly see when they are online or send them messages or invites. To each their own but each update has given me something I have used at one point or another. Admittedly you won’t use everything everyday but when you need that hammer you’re glad you have it.

SilverDemon7d ago

Ok. How about actually give an Idea of how to enhance the user experience?
For me, friends notification, share play, using real name, communities etc are all great additions
Thry might seem "unnecessary stuff" to you but to others they are great features

Simply because YOU don't care , doesn't mean they are unnecessary or wasted potential