Inside Xbox at Gamescom Was Awful, But The Settlers: History Collection Is Awesome

In our latest editorial, we discuss why Microsoft dropped the ball at another Gamescom, express cautious optimism for Stormdivers, and gush over the return of The Settlers.

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DarkVoyager91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

That was a cringe worthy showing.

JTGA91d ago

I mean, it really was embarrassing. You could tell they had nothing of substance, and yet so much build up and hype!

Switch4One91d ago

That's a stretch. I didn't even know what time it was on. There was no hype or build up, you are just saying that because you think it'll earn your comment popularity.
But yeah, tepid show.

JTGA90d ago

I said that because it was all over their social media channels, there was a press release, and they even had a trailer on their YouTube account. If 'being right' is what will earn my comment "popularity", then so be it... ;-)

Skull52190d ago

What the hell is gamescom?

JTGA90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

"If 'being right' is what will earn my comment "popularity", then so be it... ;-)"


You do know I was being sarcastic, right? Well, if you didn't before, you do now. WINKY FACE.

Also, if i can address your insanity for a moment, being critical of one thing doesn't automatically make me a fan of the other. You know that, right? Just for full clarity, I'm not being sarcastic here... Ok now I am. But you get the idea.

I don't want to make jokes about the things I love. I want to make jokes about Microsoft "kinetic". Whatever that is. Sounds like Nintendo's long dormant vitality sensor! ;-)

Oh, and Vinniepaz, if it'll make you feel better, here are some things I dislike about Sony, and some things I love about Microsoft. That way, you'll be happy, because, you know, now I'm liking a thing that you like as well. Yay!
- The download speeds of PSN servers.
- The creeky home screen U.I.
- The fan on my launch PS4 sounding like a jet engine.
- Why isn't Spiderman out yet?

And now for Xbox compliments! Yay! Compliments!
- Game Pass is fantastic value.
- The controller is best in the biz.
- I still use a happy crab as my gamer picture which I got free with Perfect: Dark Zero.
- Halo.

But man, Inside Xbox at Gamescom was TERRIBLE, wasn't it?

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Aceman1890d ago

It was beyond cringe worthy honestly

90d ago
mark_parch89d ago

I thought it was ok, I don't know why people were expecting another e3, did you guys not see gamescom last year? what new games have sony shown at gamescom?

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Switch4One91d ago

It was a dumpster fire. They should have stayed home. Completely unnecessary from start to finish.
They should have just given us the trailers before gamescom and just demoed the games off air.

DarkVoyager91d ago

Most of it was about the same old crap. Sea of Thieves, State of Decay 2, PUBG. There were a few announcements but anyone could’ve guessed them.

Show was a waste imo.

JTGA90d ago

Absolutely. Most of the 'news' was stuff previously announced. Did they mention anything we didnt already know about in the Sea of Thieves segment?

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Travis370890d ago

Once again MS is more worried about game pass and controllers than creating games. I honestly don’t see how people support them anymore. You gotta be the biggest fanboy/casual to have one. I’m not trying to troll but seriously how can you enjoy these announcements?

JTGA90d ago

Definitely didnt enjoy the presentation, but Game Pass / backwards compatibility are both rad. Any announcement about either of these is interesting to me, and they didnt even have that!

spicelicka90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Well you may not understand or agree but since you asked I can tell you personally for two reasons Gears of war and Halo. Yes it's been years since the last mainline Halo and Gears titles came out, but there is no better multiplayer FPS to me than Halo, and no better multiplayer TPS than Gears. Not to mention Halo MCC is gonna blow up when it's updated next month.

I own a PS4 too and love it, but I play all multiplayer games on Xbox since I don't want to pay for both online services.There are people who enjoy Forza games just as much and play a lot more MP games so they have their reasons too.

I will say though, there's been a long undeniable drought. I certainly don't enjoy these announcements and the exciting E3 reveals are wayy in the future so if you don't like Halo/Gears/Forza, it's hard to recommend an Xbox right now.

slate9190d ago

Cant wait for that MCC patch! 9/1. Been a long time coming and I am hype.

mandingo90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Who cares about gamescom? Everything was shown at e3 what did you expect? New games? Yea they could have shown crackdown but y’all getting worked up over something meaningless. NO one else really showed crap either

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90d ago
Apocalypse Shadow90d ago

When you have too many to show, you concentrate on your best offerings.

When you have nothing to show, you advertise bundles.

Aceman1890d ago

Oh god they have more controllers and system bundles released than new games this generation. Truly and beyond pathetic.

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