NES Maker has been released.

NES Maker, the software for making homebrew NES games has been released in its initial state. The software will be adding more functionality in the future with more features.

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PiNkFaIrYbOi128d ago

I see this ending badly for them.

Jurat127d ago

I love the idea of this and the spirit behind the endeavor.

However, given Nintendo's recent form I think the developers could find themselves in hot water.

Tetsujin127d ago

I can see Nintendo now -
"We want to preserve the NES as a system professionals and early studios first started their projects. The idea of wanting to make games past its initial life would only hurt those projects that were built in the early days of the NES. Therefore, it is our duty to ask for those who run this software to please stop and seek other avenues to help preserve those early works as they can't be duplicated as they were back then."

Then the White Knights of Nintendo -

While the smart -
"Seriously?! Where are people suppose to start if you kill off projects like this? And preserving what exactly?"