The Division 2 Will Have Multiple Raids in Year One

In a recent podcast interview conducted by Gamertag Radio with The Division 2 creative director Julian Gerighty, details were confirmed that should be quite interesting to both casual, and especially hardcore fans of The Division. Gerighty goes in great detail about a wide range of topics ranging from why D.C. is a better setting than NYC, to how long they have been working on the game. Gerighty also promises to have more content and a stronger end-game.

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Skull521178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

How about you give me a free copy since I preordered the $100 version of the first one and was out of stuff to do by the third night of playing?


You should of went back to it, a lot was added. I bout gold edition on PS4,XB1 and pc and I don’t want money back. Don’t quit after a few days, games like that always change.

Skull521178d ago

Exact same thing happened with Destiny. Sorry but if you make a game like that and people can complete it in 3 days you shouldn’t have released the game in that state, and I won’t buy sequels to either one of them because of it. A promise of new content in 3 months isn’t good enough for me.

Darkborn178d ago

I agree, I gave up pretty early on after I hit level 30 after The Division came out, but I came back like 6 months later and it was a way better game. If you try to play it today, it has almost too much stuff to do in a week.


That's all on you.

Hell, even at release there was way too much to do to only get 3 nights out of the game.

Skull521178d ago

Lol no there wasn’t, and I even found all the collectibles.

PhantomS42178d ago

Then that's your fault for spending that much on a game before you have played it, not theirs.

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