Why I'll Be Using Xbox One Instead Of PS4 For All My Online Gaming Going Forward

by Dave Thier:
"Last week, Sony put its foot in it and has, after some apparent consideration, decided to leave it there. Epic Games released Fortnite: Battle Royale on Switch to expected fanfare, giving people who want to play the game on the go a much more accurate option than the excellent if lacking mobile port. The dream was clear: I could play Fortnite on PS4 at home, and then use my Switch when I was on the road or just out of the house. But that's not how Sony saw its dream, and it's locked my account out of ever playing on Switch."

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Deep-throat152d ago

Sony is too awesome to be criticized.

The gaming community is full of weird people. People who keep defending companies... you don't see that in other communities.

Knushwood Butt152d ago

You do a pretty good job of it.

Kingthrash360152d ago

Where were you when ff14 was denied crossplay by ms? Or when they denied crossplay all last gen? Smh this is just dumb. MS just wants to sell xbl and is trying to get naive gamers to pressure Sony to do so.
When MS denied crossplay for ff14 tou didnt dre Sony talking about it publicly to pressure ms why is ms doing so?
I'll tell ya...they only stand to gain money if Sony were to do so, Sony would stand to lose marketshare. Who helps the competition? When the market share was even ms was like hell its saying they are sad because Sony wont play along? Lol dont speak unless you have all the details bro

Rimeskeem152d ago

Did you just call them awesome?

Also, Sony wanted Cross play last gen but MS shot them down. So go figure when you have double the opponents base you arent gonna give them the players /shrug

UCForce152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

So you saying that i’m playing games on my PS4 is bad and it make me anti consumer. Is that how you want to say ? And I’m not into online gaming. I used to love play online game, but not anymore.

gamer7804152d ago

Yup, i support good decisions not companies.

Kokyu152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

Um its everywhere there are people. Dont try to play it like its some kind of Sony cult.

TheUndertaker85152d ago

@KingThrash360: I actually want to know what your point is.

If Microsoft shutting it down LAST GEN was a bad thing how is Sony doing it NOW better?

Then would that not be admitting that Microsoft for the largest part has new representatives this time around compared to last time that are aiming to change policies for the better while Sony goes the other way?

As I recall also there was a MASSIVE PSN breach last gen where millions of pieces of information were taken from Sony. The result of a backend that wasn’t updated showing effectively PSN was vulnerable due to nothing but laziness and poor upkeep of servers. That in of itself is a reason to stay distanced from PSN at that point in time.

I’m really liking how individuals point to MS for its faults last gen but convieniently leave out Sony when both PSN and PS3 were frankly a disaster.

Kumakai152d ago

Anyone who pulls an asshole move can be criticized. And Sony is being an asshole. You’ll know the fanboys because they’ll criticize other companies like Apple for doing this “walled garden” strategy but praise Sony or let them off the hook. If you’re doing that, guess what? You’re a fanboy

-volt-152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

Too awesome? Sony has screwed up many times in the last as well. I got a $600 PS3 I can sell you.

PapaBop152d ago

Awesome enough that lack of crossplay is about the only way MS can realistically throw shade at Sony. They tried it the other day too with VP of Xbox asking if people want crossplay for Destiny 2 with a poll on twitter. I think it's hilarious, MS shown their true colours last gen when they refused it, now they're in second place with everything to gain, are preaching it like it's the holy grail of gaming. It'd be nice for sure but it's no deal breaker.

notherenotthere151d ago


isnt that the normal way for ms throw some low punches on twitter to get there fanbase all fired up. pay off some game (journalists) and point them all towards the competitor that does it better than them. if only they would place the time and effort in their own platform they might have some decent games for a change

151d ago
Unreal01151d ago

Kumakai & Deep-throat

Oh of course you two think this is awful, two of the biggest Xbox trolls on the site. If you hate Sony so much, why are you even here or care about this for that matter 😂

firelogic151d ago

Microsoft said no last gen because they were the market-leader.

Sony is saying no now because they're the market leader.

If MS is back on top next gen, they'll say no again because they're the market leader.

MS isn't some altruistic company who's concerned about gamers. They do what they need to in order to make as much money as they can. I guarantee if they're #1 next gen (at least in America), they won't be preaching about cross-platform play.

notherenotthere151d ago


so if sony declined crossplay with ffxiv how come xbox doesnt have the game at all and ps has crossplay between them and pc

ZeroX9876151d ago


How about fortnite with the switch/PS4 then?

343_Guilty_Spark151d ago

What does last gen have to do with now?

candystop151d ago

"Where were you when ff14 was denied crossplay by ms? Or when they denied crossplay all last gen? Smh this is just dumb. MS just wants to sell xbl and is trying to get naive gamers to pressure Sony to do so. "

Oh quit whining over the past! Now is not the time to play victims!

ludicrous151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

There is literally no point in talking to these guys; they will always switch it to some past events, or something else like Xbox instead (ms fault for sony CURRENT decision), ignoring the present entirely. Strangely, this decision isn't good for Sony in the long run either when more 3rd party going cross-play and we all know where people not gonna buy them on.

I'm not sure if they know how to support Sony and maintaining consumers rights at the same time, i guess they will chose Sony if they can't have both.

And yes, i don't see this either on other sites where sony fan are up in arms about it too.

neutralgamer1992151d ago (Edited 151d ago )


No we just like Sony because they have the games so yes they are awesome

They also have more cross play titles than Xbox one and switch combined

They let us play the free to play games without requiring psn plus

Haters gonna hate


How many times do I got to tell yall don't you all dare bring facts up in here. Don't you understand Xbox one can play the awesome presentation on X in 4k while us poor ps4 owners only get high quality exclusives


spwittbold151d ago

@Knushwood Butt


JaguarEvolved151d ago

Why I'll be using Colgate total toothpaste to brush my teeth instead of crest whitening toothpaste going forward.

XabiDaChosenOne151d ago

Must not deal with other communities much.

UltraGaming151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

The whole ff14 issue was not because MS blocked cross play, it was down to the way Square Enix wanted to apply updates to the game, all updates on xbox live have to go through certification by MS. Square Enix wanted updates to land the same day as PlayStation and Pc updates MS couldnt guarantee that due to certification....

In this article last year the game director basically says Sony is blocking it, http://www.gamerevolution.c...

Jinger151d ago


It isn't about crossplay, its about Sony holding a 3rd party account hostage so you can't transfer your MT's and progress of that game to another platform.

Dragonscale151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

@deep, you just proved your own point seeing as you are part of the 'gaming community' lol.

getbacktogaming151d ago

I see that in plenty of other communities... Ever approach iPhone fans about their device's shortcomings?? Meanwhile this article is willingly throwing fuel on that 🔥 by making it a console war. No need for another this console is doing better than that one article this is about Sony taking a stupid decision, period.

xRacer74x151d ago

Sony can do No wrong brother.

Babadook7151d ago

“Why I'll Be Using Xbox One Instead Of PS4 For All My Online Gaming Going Forward”

So you can play with a smaller base of Fortnite players? Ok then.

rainslacker151d ago

Seems like something maybe Epic should be criticized for too. Since no one seems to know the reason why this is happening I mean. It's not like Epic is clearing things up, and they obviously know the reason why. I mean, shouldn't this had been announced to people before they went and got a free to play game between two systems? Who exactly is blocking people from accessing their content....because as far as I know, Sony has no control over Epic's servers.

fiveby9151d ago

Sony has treated gamer's pretty well if you ask me. Don't think we're fooled by XBox fanboys trying to use some contrived problem which impacts nearly nobody as a wedge to prop up their platform of choice. We all know if MS had Sony's numbers they'd be acting similarly. It's so laughable that people think MS is some altruistic gamer champion. MS has no choice but to seek cross-platform as they need a reason for people to stick with Xbox. Most of us are not fooled by MS and their antics. They are not to be trusted.

Skull521151d ago

Xbox Live is a better network, period. It's a fact, it IS a better place to play.

pinkcrocodile75151d ago


"Where were you when ff14 was denied crossplay by ms?" - This isn't about MS, It's about Sony
"Smh this is just dumb. MS just wants to sell xbl and is trying to get naive gamers to pressure Sony to do so." - Where has MS been shown to do this? Of course MS wan't to sell XBL subs, it's their product like PSN is for Sony, Doh!

Atanasrikard151d ago

Holy crap Ultragaming just owned all you who are trying to blame MS for FF not being crossplay with consoles.

Madmoose151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

I would not go so far as to say that you don't see stuff like this and other communities. However, I will say that you don't see it going on virtually anywhere else with nearly as much fervor, finger pointing, deflection and excuses as you'll usually see here with the majority of folks defending sony's stupid decision(s).No matter if you are off Nintendo fan, Microsoft or sony's, this is just something that's pretty indefensible

quenomamen3h ago
Thought it was all about the games not graphics ? Least that every Xbox article on N4G was 9 months ago. Ooh thats right the Xboys forgot all about that.

Kinda like how psboys forget how they weren't graphic whores and into counting pixels when they had the lowest and hardware on the market, but the minute they get decent Hardware they get up on their high horse and all of a sudden become graphical snobs. I mean if we want to play this little game, let's play the whole game fairly.

doomster71151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

LOL. Your not wrong there mate. I don't understand it at all. I wonder if you get Shell and BP fanboys?

nibblo151d ago

Agree but it's also NG4, it has more MS haters and Sony lovers than a Sony board meeting.

Muzikguy151d ago

Talking about defending companies with a name like “deep throat”? I’m sorry but that’s hilarious

xfiles2099151d ago

Dont you people get it we dont want to play with Xbox You guys call our games Jap Crap call us pedophiles Why would anyone want to play with the worse in the gaming community. Xbox only wants this cross play thing so they can boast their numbers and make where you play a non Issue, Not to mention Xbox is charging for free games but you guys are to dense to call them out on it

Aenea151d ago (Edited 151d ago )


No, it was MS, plain and simple, not sure why you can't see that, is he only possible reason why they blocked it, to just be dickish about it...

See, that IS nonsense what I just wrote, you know that, I know that, but it's the same type of stuff that Xbox fans keep saying about Sony now with this cross-play thing. We really, really do not know why Sony is not allowing it, they gave a stupid reason for it, yes, but it could be something technical as well, perhaps even something they don't want to admit to 'cos it might give info on some of their security measures or be a little embarrassing, I dunno, I don't care all that much, fact remains we don't know and can't possibly know why Sony is preventing cross-play with other consoles this time around but no one is entertaining other possible reasons...


Yeah, exactly, the uproar we're seeing now is not so much about cross-play but the silly thing that if you even used your Epic account on a PS4 once (and thus linked it) that from then on you can't use that account and anything data saved on it on another console.

Is that a Sony rule? That is very, very unlikely indeed. If I create an Epic account on my PC, buy Save the World there, buy a crapload of vbucks for BattlePass and cosmetics, then use that account on PS4 once Sony does not have any reason whatsoever to want to have it blocked for other consoles. Makes zero sense.
The other way around tho I can somewhat understand. I buy EarlyAccess for Save the World on PS4, buy a bunch of vbucks on PS4, also play on PC and then can not use the account on another console.
The reason why they might disallow that is that one could use the cheapest platform to buy things at any given time which would mean Sony (and Valve, MS, Nintendo) would lose income. None of them are a fan of that idea and there are probably rules in place to prevent that.

Problem is I think that Epic doesn't record where an account was first used/created AND doesn't record where things have been bought and thus they can't do something like:
"oh you bought Save the World on PS4, but bought all vbucks on PC, ok, you can't access Save the World on Switch but have access to all the vbucks!".
It's also kinda impossible to do such a thing since they have vbucks, buy them on PC with real money, but spend them on PS4 on skins, what do you want to do about that even if you have all the data? Buy the BattlePass on PS4 then play on Switch, yeah, well you bought the Pass on PS4 so that is gone on Switch together with your progress, ehhhh, so even if Epic could do such things would they even want to? It's simpler to just prevent it at all and let the public blame Sony.....


Nah, that is not a fact at all, there is no actual evidence to back up that claim, and no, a SURVEY paid for by MS is not actual evidence, actual evidence would be thorough testing of network conditions in many different scenarios and locations which is not what has happened.

OffRoadKing151d ago

And if the article stated he would be using Playstation instead of xbox going forward you'd have plenty to say about it yourself, hypocrite.

nowitzki2004151d ago

Weird people like Deep-throat

Hyperstrada151d ago

I posted something similar on another site. The people in the motorcycle community (one of my other hobbies )are generally nice and helpful to talk with. Dose not matter what brand of bike or gear you have, But on the gaming sites not so much very argumentative both for Sony and MS people . cant put my finger on why such love of a brand.

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HaveSumNuts152d ago

All over a game like Fortnite. Sounds like OP the type of person who still dabs in 2018

stevej336151d ago

The issue is sony locking a 3rd party account to their console.

EverydayJoe151d ago

"All over a game like Fortnite?"
Thank you. This very much!

151d ago
Perjoss151d ago

Doesn't matter what game it is, Sony are out of line to lock your account without any warning.

Teflon02151d ago

Steve Sony didn't lock the account. Epic decided to do it this way as it's the easiest way to deal with it all. You can have saved data work and accounts work on both, the problem is that the accounts linking gives access to crossplay. So Epic put a block where PSN accounts can't be linked with Xbox and Switch accounts. So they don't have them cross servers. It's not like Cross Play hasn't been enabled multiple times over the past year or so. It's simply a sony said no. Sucks in a games case like Fortnite but oh well. This is how gaming always was until Sony Pushed cross platform play last gen making console and PC play mainstream, while they were interested in MS also doing the same with XBL and PSN. But MS didn't want anything to do with Crossplay until they've fallen behind

Sharky231151d ago

If I buy a game on ps4 I can’t take my save to Xbox or vice versa. I’ve never seen any game do that! So why all of a sudden is everybody freaking out because they can’t take their progress across a platform? Seriously tell me what other game does this? I wanna know for my info!

Muzikguy151d ago

You don’t dab? That was one of the dumbest dance moves I’ve ever seen


Without warning? Everyone knows, should know, or should at least ask or question it. It’s not like they’re being criminal here. I wouldn’t think that if I was 12 years old and played the game on my PS4 that I’d be complaining I can’t play with all the Xbox crowd.

Kaiou151d ago

Aha the classic "I don't care until it effect me personally" nice.

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Kumakai152d ago

Guess what? The games run and look better on One X. And I’ve had several cookies now, thank you very much.

How about try to be objective instead of just dismissing any thought you don’t like?

r2oB151d ago

And they run and look worse on the Xbox One, which is what 95% of Xbox gamers play on. What's your point?

Talk about being objective, yet ignore the overwhelming majority of Xbox gamers that play on the Xbox One just because 5% game on the Xbox One X.

Bhai151d ago

Hahaha r2oB, you totally pwned Kumakai... the super objective reality... hardly 5% of the XB1 demographic has xb1X... rest of the 95% or more are stuck with 720p-900p sh!te on xb1S, dead framerates and missing FX... hahaha...

While 100% of PS4/PS4PRO demographic enjoy gaming in 1080p or more upto 4K... 100%!

quenomamen151d ago

Thought it was all about the games not graphics ? Least that every Xbox article on N4G was 9 months ago. Ooh thats right the Xboys forgot all about that.

Markusb33151d ago

Well because it's quite riddiculas really. MS would not allow cross play with Sony last gen and now Sony are just supposes to help their competitors? Some people live in a dream world. Why would anyone want to play with gamers on another platform they don't own and claim to hate? Seems strange to be outraged by something on a system you dont own. More like trying to take advantage of the situation for gain

TKCMuzzer151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

You are picking and choosing your facts to suit whatever argument you are making.
Most Xbox owners own the Xbox One. Like most things its the minority making the biggest sounds, most people don't give a crap.
I amazed how many people don't see that epic are partly to blame for this farce, of course people see what fits their agenda.

TheArkatek151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

@BHAI u got ur little twat wet over 1080p. Lmao. I got all the systems and a MONSTER RIG. 1080p aint shit. The standard is at least 4k on ultra. Some even higher than that. Come play with the big dogs and stop cryin over spilled milk.
ALSO: Who cares. None of u work for sony or ms. + Fortnite is for fuckin kids

Muzikguy151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

“How about try to be objective instead of just dismissing any thought you don’t like?”

Does that pertain to you as well? Just wondering.


Ok? You must not be enjoying your games that much to be here “slapping your d!ck on the table”. 🙄. This isn’t a contest about who can build the best PC. I get that people have PCs and all but this has nothing to do with that. And if you don’t like Fortnite why talk crap to the people that do? Typical PC elitist? “You got your little twat wet” over typing some words on a keyboard WHOA!!! See how that works?

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trooper_152d ago


If this guy wants to buy a paperweight, that's fine.

russo121151d ago

He should be buying 2.
MS is really desperate to force xplay.... anyway, it's amusing.

Bhai151d ago

"I'll Be Using Xbox One Instead Of PS4 For All My Online Gaming Going Forward"...


Aceman18151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

This whole situation is one big yawn imo. These MS fannies don't have a clue how to run a business so they should stop talking because if this was the other way around they'd be the first to say oh well deal with it.

I find MS fanboys to big huge hypocrites when it comes to these types of situations. They'll easy find forgetful memories when it's something they try to championing.

I bet if they were running Sony, and one of the company money men told them don't do this because they'd lose money they'd be like ok we won't allow for now.

As for this writer no one cares where you game online seriously.

Zabatsu2151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

Yes and also, these opinion articles can eat some shit. Admins, read. Not the writer, I am talking about the actual opinion. It's shit. That is my opinion. Is it okay if I publish it as an opinion piece?

Seraphim151d ago

It's an article from Forbes, need I say more?

Muzikguy151d ago

I was thinking the same thing....

Good for you?

imtiyaz6151d ago

Talking about ethics while MS is directly collaborating with the ICE to kidnap children.