No Man's Sky Will Finally Stand Tall Above Its Critics

With the advent of proper online multiplayer for No Man's Sky, the game will finally stand on a pedestal above critics ire toward the game.

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FallenAngel1984209d ago

Lmao fool gamers once shame on them, fool them twice shame on you

cleft5209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

Hey, keep in mind that this wont be the first time a game has made a major turn around like this before. Remember FF14 was in the same situation, it failed to deliver on its promise to people. Folks defended it yes, but more people where hugely disappointed and disillusioned by the game. The FF14 devs knuckled down, kept updating the game with free content and patches until finally we had FF14: A Realm Reborn.

There is no reason that this can't be true of No Man's Sky. They have been doing the same thing and after all of this time they will finally be adding in the full mp. For some people it will be too late, but for most people this on top of what they have already delivered will finally be the first true step in their vision.

If you look at any interview with Shawn Murray, you can see that he knows he over promised. But I don't think it was a case of trying to deceive anyone. The dude just got caught up in the promise of his own game and didnt put that promise in check with the reality of what could be delivered on day one. He was talking about what the game would be and could be. Its not just a case of this one guy lying to everyone maliciously.

Thankfully, they didnt take the money and run. They clearly believe in this game and each update has clearly come one huge step toward delivering on the promise. There is so much more content now in this game then day 1 and they didnt charge for any of it. Finally, No Man's Sky Next adds in the final piece of the puzzle that so many people wanted, especially those that still play the game.

remixx116209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

Well the difference between ffxiv and no mans sky is that ffxiv was just executed poorly, it still had everything it promised it just wasnt very good.

Sean murray flat out lied to everyone about what the game was going to be/what was going to be possible, im not a big fan of angryjoe but go watch his review of the game, he complies all of the lies in it and showcases examples. Sean murray wasnt even stretching the truth, he was purely decieving.

They didnt take the money and run with it but they definitely went silent on us for a good bit and didnt address the criticism whatsoever.

Ive played both and ffxiv is an amazing turn around from a blunder, no mans sky is finally delivering on what it promised almost 2 years ago.

rainslacker209d ago

They did address the critism. People wouldn't accept anything he said, so he shut up like he should have because he was a losing battle trying to quiet the haters.

And no, he didn't outright lie. I heard everythong he said, and while I can understand why people would build up some thinvs in their head, almost all the stuff he said seemed to be more like he wasn't good at speaking with the public or trying to appease some interviewer who kept pushing something he already answered.

Cleft put it perfectly. He got wrapped up in all the attention, and he really should have clarified better than in that tweet a couple.days before release.

Skull521208d ago

Just another example of a game release well before it as ready. I won’t support it, same reason I skipped Destiny 2 and will skip the Division 2 as well. Tired of shallow games with empty promises that they’ll be better months and months after release.

ShockUltraslash208d ago

So we believe in Sean Murray.

Vegamyster208d ago


Nobody would have accepted what he said because there was nothing he could say, it has nothing to do with being a hater, they only received flak because they're the ones that screwed up. Now hopefully they can turn it into the product that they claimed it would be, better late than never but the criticism is still valid.

He went on late night shows, pod casts and read off teleprompters during events like E3, none of that has nothing to do with his speaking skills and if he was truly that bad his team would have stopped him immediately. He knew exactly what he was doing (generating hype) and there dozens of compilations of him lying, we're only getting features that he said were in the game now, 1-2 years later.

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pinkcrocodile75208d ago

I wasn't interested in the game when it first came out in 2016 and the fact that they have added additional content hasn't changed my mind.

It's not that I think the game is crap or fantastic, it's more that I would rather play anything else than this.

The fact that it's on Xbox soon doesn't change anything either.

As for people demanding an apology from Shawn Murray, I say, don't buy the game. Moaning **nts

ArchangelMike209d ago

It might be too little too late for the rest of the community though.

IamTylerDurden1209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

Why? It's releasing on Xbox for the first time. Every update is free. Spacehulk Deathwing is releasing on PS4 May 22nd after a disastrous launch on PC two years ago. It will be called Spacehulk Deathwing Enhanced and it's a free update on PC and new to PS4. SLAIN had a similarly bad launch on PC and later released SLAIN Back From Hell on PS4/Vita (free on PC) and it was dramatically improved and quite good. Why can't No Man's Sky do the same?

I don't understand the vendetta against this game? A tiny indie team bit off more than they could chew, released too early, and worked their ass off the next 2 yrmaking the game better.

Septic209d ago

"I don't understand the vendetta against this game? A tiny indie team bit off more than they could chew, released too early, and worked their ass off the next 2 yrmaking the game better"

Its the fact that Sean Murray blatantly lied to our faces (Seriously check out the cringe inducing videos) then when confronted, completely refused to discuss it and hid away for ages.

It's not just a case of them biting off more than they could chew. Not saying we shouldn't give the game a chance now but people are rightfully sceptical for a reason.

AmstradAmiga209d ago

It may be releasing on Xbox for the first time but its not like Xbox owners are not also PS4 owners.

IamTylerDurden1209d ago (Edited 209d ago )


A small indie team bit off more than they could chew. An excitable developer got overly enthusiastic about his game and thrust into an unfamiliar limelight stupidly ran his mouth too much. That's all it is, you try to make it out like Hello Games and Bernie Madoff are virtually the same. Sean wasn't a big-time developer, he had never been on talk-shows. He was engaging because he was passionate, and part of the reason he screwed up is because of how passionate he is. The guy was excited and he revealed too much. There are always things that don't make it into games, but Sean talked about every hope and idea and people began to expect it.

There were things that did get taken out of context and the compilation videos are edited with an agenda. He never said "yes the game will have full mp day 1 and mp is an important aspect of the game". He was talking on a show was asked "how would you know what your character looks like if you can't see him". And he replied that theoretically the only way to know how your character looked is if someone else saw you in-game. And everyone took that as guaranteed mp.

Sean didn't hide away for ages he went to work, on the game. People act like he took the money and ran. He took the money and ran to his computer to write code, to fix the game. Do you realize how hard it is to develop for a AAA style game (in scope) with only 10 people? Giant updates came out periodically. A bunch of them. Game changing updates. He rewrote the rendering engine, added a beautiful Pro patch, changed the lighting, added NPCs, Ships, vehicles, base building, improved combat, freighters, new story elements, new foliage, varied the planets, added modes, rudimentary mp, and now full mp as well as races and more.

Imalwaysright209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

Are you trying to say that Sean is a retard and that's why we should forgive the guy for blatantly lying and for releasing misleading videos for everyone to see?

IamTylerDurden1209d ago (Edited 209d ago )


Ubisoft "released misleading videos" on three separate occasions this gen yet tens of millions of people buy their games. Watchdogs, The Division, R6S.

Sean literally played the game on camera on numerous occasions right before launch. It was the actual day 1 or final beta build. It was the game, nothing more. People were free to see it.

I'm not really arguing about forgiving Sean, i'm just perplexed at the outrage that people have at the moment. The game is releasing on Xbox for the first time and everyone else is getting another free update. Should they not be offering the game on Xbox? Should they not be offering another free update?

"2 goddamn years and u don't see a problem with it?"

A problem with what? Releasing free updates and offering your game on another platform?

gamer7804209d ago

Its really not a backlash against the game, its a backlash against its creator(s), specifically when they lied. SE never lied about FFXIV initially, it just wasn't a good game.

I'm hoping they can resurrect themselves, but we'll see.

Gaming_1st209d ago


So when i developer does it, they should get the 3rd degree and should be skeptical. But when a certain console maker does it, support them day one. Very interesting.

Imalwaysright209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

Since when do 2 wrongs make a right? I'm well aware that false advertisement is a usual practice in this industry and you'll always see me blaming us, gamers, for allowing this industry to become the anti-consumer joke it is today but just because I blame us it doesn't mean that I'm going to turn the blind eye on a studio that not only released an incomplete and broken game but also took the misleading to a level that I rarely saw even in this joke of an industry and by that I mean videos that featured concepts and mechanics that were nowhere to be found in the game and on top of that, that Sean guy was looking in the eyes of people asking him questions about the game and lying through all his teeth and unless he is a retard or was dropping acid, he knew very well what he was doing.

ILostMyMind209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

The hatred comes from those who didn't play this game. Ignore them. I didn't buy it before because I'm not blind and I saw through the trailers that the game had no content whatsoever. I never understood the hype about it. Now it's in better shape. Maybe two or three more upgrades from now on, it will become a good match.

Septic209d ago

Did or did not Sean blatantly lie when discussing the game ? Yes or No?

UnHoly_One209d ago

Leading up to the release of this game, I was one of the few that questioned it. I said I love the concept of it and everything, but what is there to do? I said it would probably be fun for a little while but without story progression and some kind of mission structure I would lose interest. Kind of like a Minecraft sort of game. Some people can play that forever but it’s not for me.

I got slammed for being an “Xbox Fanboy”, and I was “jealous” because it wasn’t going to be on Xbox.

Then the game came out, and it turned out to be EXACTLY what I thought it was going to be all along. I even bought it, AFTER the reviews and all the hate, because it was exactly what I thought it was going to be, and I thought I’d get some fun out of it.

And I did. I played it for awhile and I enjoyed it.

Now that it is adding multiplayer I might buy it on Xbox and play it with my buddies.

My point is. There were a ton of people that tricked themselves into thinking this game was going to be something more than it was, and they still can’t get over it. Those of us that didn’t follow every bit of info on the game leading up to release got exactly what we thought we were getting.

cleft5209d ago

I couldnt agree more and I would add that FF14 had a similar fate and that was from a AAA studio. Some people just want to hate, but those same people buy the next EA game. Thankfully, they didnt abandon the game, but went to work.

gangsta_red209d ago

@unholy one

"I got slammed for being.."

Amen, the same with me. And I loved when it was first shown (me being a huge sci fi fan) and even said this game is what all new gen games should be trying to achieve (even tho no one seemed to see those particular comments). But as the delays went on and Murry then started showing more I also questioned what else was there to do.

Then on release it was obvious the footage he was showing wasn't in the game. Not to mention other issues (UI, crashes, etc).

It's a small indie studio but that shouldn't be an excuse to go on multiple tv interviews and shows and show off gameplay and speak on options that were never in the game.

And it's definitely not okay for us to start blaming gamers for expecting what was shown.

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IamTylerDurden1209d ago (Edited 209d ago )


If you say people should give the game a chance now, then live by your own words. Give the game a chance. Stop trolling both Hello Games and No Man's Sky, it's going on two years now. The game released unfinished, but they have spent all their time since the game launched improving it. They screwed up, but have worked their ass off to make it better. What more can they do at this point?

You say people have every reason to be sceptical. Of what? We know they screwed up at launch, but what exactly have they done since to further shake your confidence? So Sean didn't go on Twitter say a bunch of things, instead he went to work on the game. Giant update after giant update have come with little to no talking. He didn't come out and bs people again. Hello Games simply worked and improved the game. We know the game is improved, we see the updates, what exactly are you sceptical about? These aren't false promises, we see the improvements.

Imalwaysright209d ago

2 goddamn years and you don't see any problem with it? Is this a troll account?

cleft5209d ago

What a lot of these guys wanted is for Shawn to go on twitter and apologize to them. Make a bunch of bs excuses and be their little clown. Instead of doing that, like you said they went to work on making their game the experience we all knew it could be. It really is simple, haters gonna hate. Its one thing to call out a developer when they make mistakes, but if you can't praise them when they fix their mistakes than your comments are pointless. Just the banter of a silly little troll that wants to be upset over something else.

gangsta_red209d ago

I want to see you give SoT the same excuses and chances you're championing Hello Games and NMS with.

rainslacker209d ago


And a lot of people would like to see those holding Murray accountable hold rare accountable in the same way.

Remember when they promised there would be more than in the beta...or the kraken...or some cloud weather which would somehow affect the game somehow.

It.just comes across as disingenuous when people accuse one person for two years and don't give them credit when they make amends by improving over time, while at the same time going on about how a certain pirate game is gaas, so just wait for the content and its Ok that it release as a full price game.

Not pointing to any one individual on either side here, just putting it into perspective, because septic is the only one in this thread I've seen critical of both games after all this time, but even septic seems more forgiving of sot than he is of nms which he still.seems really bitter about.

It's sad that after two years I still feel like being a voice to balance out the rampant hate that pervaded nms, because the game is pretty good now. Worth a buy if one doesn't have it, and maybe in a year or two, sot will be worth a buy

showtimefolks209d ago


How about rare and SOT? When it comes to that you and otter Xbox fans are always defending the game saying it will get better overtime

A team of 10 people never gave up and are making huge updates. Rare is a team of hundreds yet are slow to release patches

Atleast they didn't give up like EA did with bioware when it came to mass effect

Imalwaysright208d ago (Edited 208d ago )


Making ammend 2 years after the game was released? Is that a joke? Do you think that is ok for people to pay full price for a game and only getting the complete (if it is finally delivering on everything that was advertised) game they were promised almost 2 years after the release date? How is that in any way acceptable? Buy today, get what you paid for in 2 years and please be happy and forgive us after giving you the shaft for 2 years! Seriously... some of you people really do boggle my mind!

rainslacker208d ago (Edited 208d ago )


They've been updating the game for a couple years now. This isn't the first major update. Every new update has added in new content, or things that people built up in their head would be in the game. I'm not including the things that people didn't understand were bullshots for the trailer, or the stuff that one may never see due to the nature of how the world was created.

All the MP quotes, which is what most of the hate hinged on seemed more like the interviewer just kept pressing him to say there was some kind of multiplayer, and he never said what the nature of that MP would be. He also did say it wouldn't have the kind of MP people were expecting before it launched....although he could have probably done that better. But I don't believe for one second that so many people were actually that fussed about it not being there, because the hype for stuff not being in it was much much more than the hype that the game got before release. People were more hyped to have a reason to hate on something.

It's beyond the point where Murray could say anything. He did one of the three things he could have done.

1. Given up, taken the money, lived happily ever after.
2. Tried to talk his way out of it like you'd see from CliffyB, Activision, or EA when things don't go their way. make all sorts of promises how it'd be better in the future, and maybe deliver on them although no one would give him the benefit of the doubt.
3. Stay mostly silent. Work on the game and add features which he wanted, or that people were asking for or making a fuss over.

In the end, I'd pick three, because it's about all that matters. If Murray learned anything from this experience, it's to hire a damn publicist for his next game, or learn to temper people's expectations better.

I'm not trying to imply that Murray was faultless in how it all went down, but when he tried to apologize or say something about it, everyone that was hating on him didn't even give him the chance, and not a single person hating on it wanted to see anything other than their own view, which was that Murray maliciously lied and misrepresented the product....which I don't believe he did in the least not on purpose.

And no, it's not acceptable to wait 2 years for a game that's released as a supposedly full game. And that was my point. Many of the people making the most fuss even today, are pretty much giving a more recent game a free pass with the same excuses that the content will come. My only contention is that a lot of the features that people say weren't there, were actually never promised in the way people seem to think they were.

Back when this was first a thing, I almost never actually got around to saying my views on how it under-delivered, because the rampant vitriol surrounding the whole ordeal was so wrong, so jaded, and everyone was twisting everything they could to make it seem worse than it was, that I felt more like bringing things back to the center. Since that didn't work, I gave up, and now I don't even really care that much. But I do find the game fun once in a while, and I'm glad they didn't give up on it.

I just find it funny that after two years, people still act like it just happened, while just a month ago they were saying how SoT was fine, and ignored some misleading comments or broken promises that surrounded that game, all while saying how the content would come in the future. While I think the comments surrounding SoT weren't as easy to misconstrue, and there certainly weren't as many things to nit-pick on, the situation really isn't any different.

Septic208d ago

@rainslacker and Showtime

Sorry where did Rare LIE about their game ?? And ive been critical of SoT too but recognised from the countless closed betas that I played that content could be a potential problem.

Don't compare SoT to NMS. We got to PLAY SoT WAY before the game launched. Rainslacker- you thought SoT was going to mimic real life water physics;you knew nothing of the game.

Kraken promises?? Why are you lying? Or are you terribly misinformed (again). The kraken was leaked from a closed beta - there wasn't a promise.

And you talk about people being disingenuous.

Imalwaysright208d ago (Edited 208d ago )

"or things that people built up in their head would be in the game"

"All the MP quotes, which is what most of the hate hinged on seemed more like the interviewer just kept pressing him to say there was some kind of multiplayer"

I have no idea what you're trying to accomplish here considering that what Sean said is well documented and can be easily accessed. Sean lied and that's on him, not gamers or people that were just doing their job by asking him a few questions just like it was also on him when he went to E3 and showed a "gameplay" video talking about factions and space combat that was nowhere to be found when the game was released or was he also pressured to do that? The guy knew what he was doing.

"although he could have probably done that better"

Probably? Really? You're taking the apologism way too far... or do you also think that he is a retard like Tyler above?

"But I don't believe for one second that so many people were actually that fussed about it not being there"

Yeah, so people paid full price for the game right? Get the game and not only was it broken but also looked NOTHING like what they were shown and you expected them to be hyped to what? Bend over? You expected them to say "ok you lied to us and completely disrespected us so we're just going to smile"?

"It's beyond the point where Murray could say anything" Entirely his fault.

" If Murray learned anything from this experience, it's to hire a damn publicist for his next game, or learn to temper people's expectations better." Yeah... you do think that he is a retard. You don't need a damn publicist to tell you that you're lying. You don't need a publicist to know that you're deceiving people. You don't need a publicist to know that you're showing fake gameplay footage. You don't need a publicist to know that people will be pissed when they finally get their hands in your product and find out that you were lying to them. All you need is common sense and above all decency.

" while just a month ago they were saying how SoT was fine, and ignored some misleading comments or broken promises that surrounded that game" You're knocking on the wrong door because unlike most around here I don't say one thing when its a game published by Sony (apparently didn't know that No man's sky didn't have MP as evidenced by the game cases which I find hilarious) and then say another when its a game developed by a MS 1st party studio.

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Apocalypse Shadow209d ago

I'm glad they're fixing what was clearly broken at launch. But it won't change the initial impression of the game when I bought it. And the CLEAR misleading videos sean was showing and playing at shows like when I went to the first PSX in las vegas.

I never deleted the game from the hard drive but every time I booted up the game after an update, I just didn't feel like playing the game anymore. And for a scifi, space fan like myself who likes exploration just as much as dog fighting, it sucks not enjoying their effort to try and make it better.

I'm already looking more forward to Everspace. Because I like colony wars, wing commander style of games too. But that first impression killed it. There are many indie developers that leave good impressions with being a small team. Hello Games had me with Joe Danger. But lost me with no man's sky.

One day I may go back to play it. Or, if they added something like vr to the PS4 version. Until then, I got other games to play. And this is from a critic who BOUGHT it with non working portals and everything else that was missing. Should have been early access or the community told that updates would bring the missing components down the line. But they hid from the media like cowards. Which also left a bad taste.

gangsta_red209d ago

"And for a scifi, space fan like myself who likes exploration just as much as dog fighting, it sucks not enjoying their effort to try and make it better."

Amen to that.

Godmars290209d ago

Pretty sure it's "critics" have moved on. Any that may remain likely/rightly have issues about how long between release to its taken to get something close to what was promised. How it stands as example of current "release ASAP, patch if we feel like it" mentality.

IamTylerDurden1209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

It's like a 10 person team at the moment, how fast do you expect giant updates? The game is completely reworked and nearly a new games worth of content has been added. The game just wasn't ready when it released, it was a terrible mistake by Hello Games and it was unfortunate. But at least give credit where it's due. HG has done nothing but grind to fix this game since launch. And don't say "why should i give credit for something that should've been there from the beginning?". You should give credit because people have absolutely attacked and destroyed them for years. If you are man enough to criticise something for that long when they screw up, at least be man enough to admit when they do something good and attempt to rectify the problem. So, if someone screws up they can never again do good?

Godmars290209d ago

"The game just wasn't ready when it released, it was a terrible mistake by Hello Games and *Sony and* it was unfortunate."


It was Sony's involvement that made it such an issue. The expectation that they were doing more, supplying resources and manpower, than just be an advertising platform for what turned out to be BS that likely never would have been said by Hello Games if, by appearances, they had remained just a small dev team. It wouldn't be on on par with what the likes of EA or Activision Much less SoT.

State of Decay 2 btw is likely the exact same thing as NMS. Small team who only had MS advertising.

IamTylerDurden1209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

There are two very recent examples of the "release ASAP, patch if we feel like it" mentality both from the same Publisher. You don't need to go back two years to the release of NMS and continuing picking at them when Sea of Thieves and State of Decay 2 are freshly served. If you are so concerned about this trend then speak your mind in the threads about those two games.

One a Microsoft first party AAA and the other a highly anticipated Microsoft first party (so they claim). Microsoft releases them back to back, both have worse Metacritic scores than NMS and both were clearly released way too early to the point one is pretty much absent of any meaningful content and the other a "bug riddled mess" as a recent reviewer put it. Yet you choose an indie that released two years, one that has been completely reworked and improved to harp on.

goldwyncq209d ago

The turd has been polished.

Lokii209d ago

Just like sea of thieves and state of decay 2.

IamTylerDurden1209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

The problem is, Sea of Thieves is a Microsoft first party game with a highly respected team of probably 200 veteran developers with 4 years and a AAA budget behind them. No Man's Sky was an indie team maybe 1/20 the size and a budget that was 1/10 the size (roughly). Hello Games had never shipped anything close to a AAA game whereas Rare has shipped some of the most iconic games of all-time. Yet people gave the small indie team infinitely more flack for a game that actually reviewed better (than SoT). Rare should've known better. It's not their first Rodeo. There is no excuse. It doesn't take Hello Games off the hook, but the level of vitriol years later is uncalled-for.

Godmars290208d ago

" Sea of Thieves is a Microsoft first party game with a highly respected team"

Correction: from a studio with a former highly respected history. A history though tarnished in relation to MS, had begun to do before then. Nevermind that many of the 200 "veteran devs" you want to tie to a history deluded by years of inactivity then making Kinect games have little real connection to said "highly respected history".