Why Xbox Game Pass Is Microsoft's Gaming Future

As the video game industry prepares to enter the age of streaming, Microsoft's on-demand service is starting to look like the future of content delivery.

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Xavi4K217d ago

Well just like netflix the more first party content in there the better value it will have What I like the most about it is the ability to try some games before deciding to own it

Goldby217d ago

Only downfall to that system is if it creates exclusives games just for gamepass, you are not inky giving up ownership to brand new games, but locking them behind a paywall.

The same issue occurs with Netflix, amazon and such, but because in most cases a movie or show can be watched within a day or two it isn't as impactful as a game that takes weeks or even months to complete. Only to have achievements stating you completed it but no real ownership.

Gamepass is good for a bunch of reasons, I just hope they don't make exclusive content just for the service

AmstradAmiga217d ago

If that's your argument you're in the minority. How many gamers sell a game after completing it to be left with only achievements...oh, and also the experience of having played it.

Goldby217d ago

Point being though, once they were finished they sold it. They got money back on their product that they bought, this takes all that out.

That's the difference

Zeref217d ago

Why would they ever make exclusive content for it? That makes no business sense. If people want to buy the $60 game instead of joining your $10 a month service. Let them be. They won't lose money lol

Goldby217d ago


Why not ask Netflix, or Hulu, or Amazon.

Exclusives sell, whether it be a tv show like the GRAND tour, a movie like anon or a game like God of War.

If In time more companies are doing the service like MS. Then MS will need to bring something to it that players can't get anywhere else.

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paintedgamer1984217d ago

I just feel they are too early to the party, had they waited until next gen and made it a staple to set themselves apart, it may have had a bigger impact

PhoenixUp217d ago

It’s an alternative delivery not the definitive future

showtimefolks217d ago

it's a nice service and will help some but to say it's the future i think is jumping to a conclusion without having years of data backing that up. I have said it many times to a lot of hateful comments but facts remain

EA access

are all nice features but they will never be the reason majority will buy an xbox brand console. Actual exclusives matter and that's where MS is lagging/lacking. It's always funny to me when xbox fans will be dismissive about exclusives yet we have over 2 decades of data that tells us the systems with the most games usually sell the most(unless your gimmicky console catches fire "Wii") Nintendo survived without 3rd partyies due to their exclusives yet on their 3rd console ms all of the sudden thought exclusives won't matter

it's a totally embarrassment that xbox one is around 30 million yet ps4 is about to get to 80 million for 2 consoles which launch around the same time. I really hope this is the wake up call(even thought MS/phil spencer have shown they care more about GAAS than actual games) if it was up to MS they rather make only 5 games in a gen but launch them all as GAAS and make as much as possible and some xbox fanboys will claim that that's the best way to play anyway

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