This Sequel Will Send Gamers into a Rage

Rage 2 is confirmed and heading down the pipeline. But did Rage really deserve to get a sequel? What made the original game so special?

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Zeke68211d ago

Wow, does any game deserve a sequel ? We should be glad that so many great games comes our way and it's up to ourselves to make up our minds if we like them or not. But I can't for my life understand all this complaining and bickering about upcoming games, like the author could make a better game himself (I'm sure he can't !) and worst still is the fact that all this complaining is about games that aren't even released at the time of articles/bloggs like this !! Sad times to be a gamer when we must hear all this crap day after day from all kind of internet trolls, including most of these so called gaming sites, when we should be happy we get more games to choose from.
Play more - whine less.
When a game like Rage 2 i released we can judge if we like it or not. Personally I think it look like a blast to play !!
But until that day - GAME ON !! :D

T2X211d ago

It looks pretty cool. I'll get it. I played the first one.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod211d ago

Does ' Insert game here" deserve a sequel is such an ignorant and dumb headline. Terrible article.

FloydianAndroid211d ago

I thought it was weird when it was announced, but the gameplay trailer looked fantastic In my opinion.

2pacalypsenow211d ago

"What made the original game so special?"

Nothing, Rage was a forgettable game.

thatguyhayat211d ago

Im not gonna lie i played the first one and thought meh its ok nothing special. When the second one was leaked i was one of many who thought why? But then i thought maybe others loved the first one. After seeing the trailer with avalanche studios and Id, thats possibly the best team up ever. Its like boderlands had a baby with fallout. Definetly will be getting this

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