GTA IV Turns 10 Years Old, Lets Look Back at the Memories

On the 29th April 2018. Arguably one of the best games ever published by Rockstar Games will turn 10 years old, Grand Theft Auto IV. The 11th game to release in the GTA Series. Lets take a look at some of the memories from GTA 4.

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DivineAssault 230d ago

GTA 4 was overrated imo. Wasnt bad but wasnt all that great either

230d ago
StrawberryDiesel420230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

Looking back, GTA4 was ahead of its time. Story and characters, Liberty City had such a dark tone and fit the game so well. The physics was also pure joy to mess with. This game was critically acclaimed but I think some gamers did not appreciate how good ut was with all the DLC. It was basically Scarface meets Goodfellas with a Pulp Fiction presentation. I still play it today.

roadkillers230d ago

I agree 100%, my favorite GTA story. Roman lying to his Military Russian cousin Niko Belick, telling him how great America is. The whole immigration aspect of the game was spot on for the type of story they were making.

saimcheeda230d ago

A true way to honor GTA IV would be to go bowling!

stefan_771230d ago

One of the worst GTAs IMO. The story and characters are horrible and the enemy AI is so predictable