God of War: Crystal Dynamics said no to Cory Barlog's 'One-Shot' camera for Tomb Raider

God of War is due to release next month and following a string of previews one of the more glowing compliments has been saved for the one-shot camera technique. But director Cory Barlog had to stick to his guns to create his vision.

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Nyxus266d ago

Cory Barlog: "I guess, for me, there was just a lot more creative support and faith with Sony. Like they’d say, you’ve got a crazy idea, we’re going to support you, regardless of how much of a leap off of a cliff it is."

This is what I like about Sony.

bouzebbal265d ago

no need to have great talent on board if you don't let them express themselves the way they want to..
of course, there is always room for adjustments but freedom is so important.

Nyxus265d ago

It's also the reason Kojima went with Sony for his next game. They just give developers a lot of freedom, which is the best thing to do.

SuperSonic91265d ago

What I want to do is play the game with kids together and half way in the game you will asked by the game itself to pass the controller to your kid to play as Atreus and initiate strategic attacks to prompt Kartos to go nuts with his huge epic attack moves and just be astonished in Atreus point of view.

Soc5265d ago

exactly, and when you give creative talent some leeway they are happy to push boundaries and most of the time make amazing games. It's silly to think that konami for example let hideo kojima go, when someone is as creative as that you need to foster their creativity. If you need to rein them in a bit that's fine but artists should be able to bring their vision to reality and not be constrained by corporate culture and their soulless desire to only make money which may make money in the short term but loses in the long term, right EA?

abstractel265d ago

Are people forgetting/not mentioning that Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice was a one shot game?

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Harkins1721265d ago

Cory proved himself with GoW2 and GoW3 (parts of it) so they let him branch out. Great decision. So lets hope it works. If not then we know. Or maybe they can somehow patch in a way to skip these scenes and replay the game fast. I dont know I havent played the game yet. Im just excited for it.

SuperSonic91265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

In his interview Cory does mature as a person, with his writing by learning from his mistakes on the earlier GOW games. This new GOW really comes to me as an upclose and personal expression of himself he said.

Looks like this will be our "family game" for the spring time.

RememberThe357265d ago

Can we take a moment and specify that when we say "Sony" in this context, we're talking about Yoshida and the group of producers that over see these projects? Their risk reward management is almost otherworldly and I'm sure without them around our concept of Sony would be very different.

Master of Unlocking265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

I'm not sure Shuhei Yoshida, or anybody else over there in Tokyo has a say in how these games developped by the studios in N. America or Europe come to fruition, to be honest. I believe each division of Sony (Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe, Sony Interactive Entertainment America, etc) do their stuff in their corner with the Sony-owned studios in that area that fall under their "jurisdiction", without taking any sort of orders or w/e from anybody else at Sony HQ. Maybe Mr Yoshida is in the know very early on that a game is being developped and he gets to test it and give his feedback, but that's it. It's certainly not like what Hollywood show (or used to) in their movies, working for Sony doesn't mean you have to have a jumbotron in the middle of your living-room with the face of an angry japanese man in suit occasionally popping in and shouting orders or that you're fired, lol.

Bottom of the line is, I think it's actually Sony Interactive Entertainment America we have to thank for that.
...which also means we only have Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe to lash on for shutting down the development studios behind the Motorstorm series and Wipeout HD... *unhangs whip*

RememberThe357264d ago (Edited 264d ago )

Well it's the producers that over see these projects and Yoshida is responsible for every projects that comes out of SIE, no matter where in the world studios are. One word from any of them can change a game entirely. They allow their creators freedom to fail but they also run tight ships and seem to prioritize quality in their games. I think it's important to tip your cap sometimes to folks who do things a little different.

The rash of quality we've seen from Sony studios in the last decade has almost everything to do with good management and problem solving. And I think a lot of that falls on Yoshida.

Hardiman265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

Agree, I love how they allow devs to be creative and that the studios can help each other. Be it creative inspiration or technical support.

The fact that they allow the envelope to be pushed whether it's letting GG go from Killzone to HZD or allowing a fresh take on GOW to giving Kojima free reign with Death Stranding and GG giving him the Decima engine !

265d ago
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ClayRules2012265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

Cory Barlog: Executing a no-cut camera, I thought it was impossible when I read the script, I thought it was impossible when it looked our equipment, I thought it was impossible when I looked at the reality of our production pipelines."

I wanted to do this [the one-shot camera technique] and I had pitched it to Crystal Dynamics when I was there working on Tomb Raider and everyone was like, 'that’s crazy, we don't want to do that'."

"And, my reaction was like, 'yeah, you know, I don't know if this is the best place for me anyway'.

"I was already starting to talk to people about new roles at Sony and then I think I realised this [God of War] is the one I can do it on."

This, this is why I'll continue to game on Sony's PlayStation consoles. Sony listens to the new ideas that their game studios have, and will allow them to take these new ideas and bring them to life, so to speak. The creative freedom that the studios are given is a wonderful thing for these incredibly talented teams, but Sony'but its also the fact that Cory Barlog believed in taking the series in a new direction (which was a risk in itself) but the team got behind him in the end, and they look to have an awesome game with the new God of War.

SuperSonic91265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

And The Last of Us Part 2 is doing the same very thinv with their recent trailer.
Looks like Sony up to something.

ClayRules2012265d ago

Can’t wait for TLoU Part 2.

Naughty Dog will shock people with its gameplay reveal.

meka2611265d ago

Well to be fair he had already proven himself before, so they weren't really taking that big of a chance, but I see what your saying.

ClayRules2012265d ago

Glad you see what I’m saying.

MarineLineman265d ago

The one shot camera technique was awesome in films like Children of Men. Can’t wait to experience it in one of my favorite game series.

rainslacker265d ago

One of the most impressive one shot films...actually shot in one shot, was a russian film called Russian Ark. It was a 96 minute continuous shot through the Hermitage Museum in Russia, with a story that takes place over various periods in Russian history. It's not an action movie or anything, but quite interesting in how it's all staged and smooth.

Not exactly the same thing as CoM, or what's being talked about here, but definately worth a look.

Ausbo265d ago

Sony is solid at allowing creative freedom. All publishers need to follow their model for game creation.

Hopefully Microsoft gets their act together

ClayRules2012265d ago

Yeah, I really do hope Microsoft does get their act together as well. All that "power" in the X isn't gonna benefit them or their studios if they don't start taking rights & allowing freedom/change to happen.

IamTylerDurden1265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

Microsoft dictates a model that must be followed. They want GaaS and multiplayer.As long as they stick to this business model devs will never have total creative freedom.

Cueil265d ago

GaaS is total freedom... It allows developers to create platform to build on. What is unfortunate is that most companies are just using it to milk gamers instead of introducing evolving games.

UCForce265d ago

This cinematic technique is risky for Cory Barlog and his team. But it is refreshing to see something like this in video games. I hope it’s paid off.

ClayRules2012265d ago

I know we haven't played the game, but I really believe it'll pay off, and have been worth the risk.

Of cour

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