God of War Developers Discuss Why They Made the New Game More RPG-Like

Pramath: "Not that I’m complaining about the game becoming more of an RPG."

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Eonjay266d ago

As many already know. they took the upgrade system from before and enhanced it a la Horizon Zero Dawn. So not super deep like Monster Hunter but defiantly deep than the older games. In fact, I am surprised that no one made the connection between this and Zero Dawn.

smooch_357265d ago

Do you know if they made the actual game world more open like in HZ, or will it still be a more linear world/story like in LOU, UC, and the previous GOWs?

Lighter9265d ago

At first, they said it was going to be open world, but then they changed their mind and said it wasn't.

Somehow, kind of open world, but linear at the same time.

Rude-ro265d ago

They have paths that go off from the main direction. From the early hands on, that is where you will be better rewarded for leveling everything up and they have said that you will unlock the lore that way as well.
So kind of like uncharted 4.. better rewards for exploring but not an “open world” do your own thing kind of open world.

TyrellCorp265d ago

From what I’ve seen I’d guess the newer TR games would be a solid comparison, not open world but a definite emphasis on exploration. Or perhaps it’ll be even more interconnected like Bloodborne.

MegamanXXX265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

Is it just me or does it feel like this game is going to get a great overall review score. I can feel it already.

Poobz265d ago

Game will be fantastic in it's new (its what sells) Horizon/Uncharted format

MegamanXXX265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

Tell me this would God of War still sell if it was still in the old format🤔 I believe so. If the game is good that's all that matters.

Legacy212265d ago

The game needed a breathe of fresh air the old formula was getting tiring the new one is looking great however

OffRoadKing265d ago

A Playstation exclusive get great overall reviews? I wont hold my breath. But I'm buying it and playing it day one regardless of what the scores are. I lost faith in review scores a long time ago, too many biased agendas nowadays.

Relientk77265d ago

I love that it's more RPG-like. Appeals more to me that way

aConIsDemocracy265d ago

Yeah me too. I love rpg elements.

UCForce265d ago

But do they say bad thing about it ? No. They only say that they are focusing on story and character development. That’s all they say. Nothing else.

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UCForce265d ago

I’m not saying you need to get over with it. But you should see this was coming. They only say that they are mixing all up. By focusing on story and character. Nothing else.

UCForce265d ago

My favorite GOW game is God Of War 2. There was a sex mini game in it and I did that about 10 times when I was 16. My god ! That was something. In E3 2016, SMM did confirmed that there won’t be sex mini game in new God Of War which is disappointing to be honest. But they did said that they want to mixing it all up, nothing else.

Steveoreno1265d ago

Hey son sit over there while I cheat on your mother. Come on man. Doesn't make sense. Go to Google and type in free porn.

AspiringProGenji265d ago

Get a GF and make your own minigame. Fixed!

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dripdrop30265d ago

Can't wait. Less than a month left..

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