Cory Barlog on reimagining Kratos as a father, past mistakes and almost having to lose the son

Cory Barlog seems remarkably relaxed for a man on a global whistle-stop tour to show off the results of the past five years of his life.

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Fragnum269d ago

Great submission, really interesting read, thanks :)

DarkVoyager269d ago (Edited 269d ago )

“The cluster of studios making games exclusively for PS4 are renowned for their collaboration work, so the team spoke to several studios that had dealt with AI companions before. Including Uncharted creator Naughty Dog due to their work on Ellie in post-apocalyptic drama The Last of Us, who accompanied player-character Joel for much of the game.“

“Barlog said the team worked with Horizon Zero Dawn developer Guerilla Games a lot, sending people out to Amsterdam with staff from Guerilla heading to Santa Monica in exchange during a ‘creative share week’.”

“They spend a week in the studio and learn our tools and ask questions, offer insights into how we do things and we learn how they do things,” says Barlog. “It’s amazing.”

It’s great to see 1st party studios helping each other out during game develment. In the end they overcome obstacles and create some of the most technically impressive games in the world.

chrisx269d ago

oh man the wait for this game is killing me.

Fist4achin268d ago

Is Kratos supporting a dad bod now?