Switch version 5.0.0 also includes an update for the Joy-Con controllers

Just a short while ago, Nintendo began distributing a brand new system update for Switch – version 5.0.0. As part of that, the Joy-Con themselves have also received an update. .

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CyberSentinel252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

Cross pad(s)?

PoSTedUP251d ago

needs stronger wifi s*** is worse than the ps3. that's my only complaint about the thing the switch is awesome.

Segata251d ago

Sounds like your ISP or router sucks. Thing is faster than my PS4.

PoSTedUP251d ago

they do suck. my ps3 connects even tho its shakey but either there is an underlying issue im not seeing or the switch doesnt have great wifi distance. router is sort of far away. im not talking about speed, but range.

Gemmol251d ago (Edited 251d ago )

Something wrong with your router or switch, if its still under warranty send it in.

Switch have newer wifi in it, same as ps4 pro so it gets both 2.4ghz and 5, vs the ps3 which use older model and 2.4ghz, i never have issue and if i did i would send it in or get another router or you would have same issue if you ever got a ps4 pro

PoSTedUP251d ago

ok thanks. its definitely the router or distance bc it connects to my girls wifi at her place. my router is upstairs in the landlords room so cant get much closer. thanks. tho ill try to fix it somehow.

MetroidFREAK21251d ago (Edited 251d ago )

Anyone know what the joycon update did for them?

GameBoyColor251d ago

Improved latency and when you hold the home button to turn on the switch it will always turn on compared to before when you had to wait for the lights to stop blinking if you accidentally hit a button or the sticks before turning it on.