Nintendo Has You Covered for the Next Six Months

Nintendo’s recent habit of revealing games within a year of release is clearly holding strong, and for the next half year, it’s obvious that the 3DS is still kicking and the Switch will do just fine in its second year on the market. It's time to break down each month and see what Nintendo has planned.

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masterfox274d ago ShowReplies(8)
FallenAngel1984274d ago

Nintendo really should drop the price for DS at this point

There’s no reason the premium 3DS should still be a mere $100 cheaper than a Switch at this time in its lifecycle

MrMagz274d ago

It's a situation where people are still buying 3DSs at the price they are, so Nintendo doesn't really have a reason to cut the price any. The 3DS had its second best year in 2017 (I believe), so they don't really have any incentive to do anything different right now. It would make sense for the New 3DS to be at least $140 less than the Switch, but I'm not sure if enough people would buy it at $160 over $200 in order to justify the price drop.

antikbaka273d ago

it's nintendo. what are you talking about. Only money deficit can influence them

Tazzy273d ago

Its all about sales and numbers the Switch is selling great and so are the games Nintendo is putting out hit after hit a bunch of their games got rated 10s in 1 year who else pulled that off?? Not Sony not Xbox Nintendo is doing great and they're doing better than Sony and Xbox they took over PS4 in Japan the Switch isn't slowing down.

ngaydazng7273d ago

They are still 3 million behind and trail YTD. Unless you are talking about finally surpassing weekly sales that a home console held for 6 Weeks. Still the switch is and will sell great in Japan.

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Heelix273d ago

they sure do
but you can't please everyone obviously

6 months jam packed with games after games

SenorFartCushion273d ago

And then:


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The story is too old to be commented.