Introducing Windows 7

Microsoft's Mike Nash writes:

"Hi there, Mike Nash here.

For me, one of the most exciting times in the release of a new product is right before we show it to the world for the first time. And that time is right now.

In a few weeks we are going to be talking about the details of this release at the PDC and at WinHEC. We will be sharing a pre-beta "developer only release" with attendees of both shows and giving them the first broad in-depth look at what we've been up to. I can't wait for them to see it.

And, as you probably know, since we began development of the next version of the Windows client operating system we have been referring to it by a codename, "Windows 7." But now is a good time to announce that we've decided to officially call the next version of Windows, "Windows 7.""

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gauravraw3717d ago

I guess the OS will be having the same Aero look like Vista, with some added features and smoothness.

M quite excited to know about the requirements and performance though. I hope they took the XP-is-faster-than-Vista arguments seriously and worked on that. I don't see any other reason of bringing out a new OS this soon.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

Masta_fro3717d ago

I dont know weather this will be "the ONE" that will lead me to upgrading... I hope its good enough.

Truth is, i would have switched to mac a while ago, but lets face the facts, we are gamers, and right now, PC is where its at.

Xwow20083717d ago

everything from ms is suck except windows
i really like windows.

psiom3717d ago

Is it 7 for a reason?

Is it actually the 7th major Windows build or is it just another arbitrary number like 360?

gauravraw3717d ago

For some reason I do not care about how perfect the numbering scheme of a company is. *cough* 1-2-3 *cough*

It's all about the features and providing customers with more and more choice without delays.

FantasyStar3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

I think there needs to be a better name for the sake of software development. I'm thinking Windows Vista SP2. Ya know...because that's what Vista should be. I'll be damned if I'll be screwed into buying another OS just because Microsoft's little **** ups the first rounds.

Sarick3717d ago

What happened to windows 1.0 2.0 3.0 and 3.1?

Those where before windows 95. So in reality it should be windows 9.0...

tk3717d ago

Because of the Vista Flop they can not call it Vista. But it most probably is not much more than a Vista Service Pack. So it should be more stable. But if it flops like Vista did - then MS is in trouble. The problem for them is that XP is entrenched - and developing for a new OS to the exclusion of the biggest slice of the market... well... it just does not make good business sense.

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