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"I try my best to respect others and comment from a logical standpoint not limited to brand bias."


I've been an avid gamer since the early 80's. I've even dreamed playing games, game design and developing code processes while asleep. I have always had a strong morale displacement towards authority figures and organizations that exploit the weak or less capable. If I feel a person or company has wronged someone or myself I will try my best to defend the most honorable perspective with extreme passion. I'm physically disabled and face daily challenges that have taught me the cruel reality of society. I feel the main reason we are born in life is to learn right from wrong and choose our own paths of good or evil. Given my history and experiences I will always try my best to respect others from a logical standpoint that isn't limited to brand bias. I sincerely hope others show the same respect for me as they would want respected. After all I understand there are real people behind these pixels and they should be respected as such.

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