Geralt Might Guest Star in a Non-Witcher Game Later This Year

The Witcher game series may be finished, but protagonist Geralt of Rivia just might guest star in an upcoming game that has nothing to do with the franchise.

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maybelovehate105d ago

As much as I love The Witcher, Geralt isn't my favorite character. Always wished we could create our own character.

thekhurg105d ago

No thanks to that. It was Geralt's story to be told. A witcher MMO where you joined a school and created your own character style would be interesting though.

aarogree104d ago

We almost did in the first game.

darthv72105d ago

He will fight alongside Bayonetta in Smash Bros on the Switch.

Just kidding... or am I ;)

Michiel1989105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

I think he could appear in Soul Calibur, didnt they have a publishing deal for withcer 2 with Namco?
I actually also think his fighting style would translate well into soul calibur

I would like him to be in smash but I dont see him fitting in there at all

Chevalier104d ago

Agreed and yes you are correct. Outside North America Bandai Namco published Witcher 2.

aarogree104d ago

God I wish. And by God I mean Sakurai, and by wish I mean please.

LgbtWarrior105d ago

He’d be awesome in Soul Calibur. Perfect fit.

darthv72105d ago

now THAT.... I agree with.

MeteorPanda105d ago

l bet so too. Him and Alloy are two big contenders.

darthv72105d ago

Ooooo... what if.... like they did with Soul Calibur 2, Namco makes platform specific entries for SC6. Aloy for the PS4 version and Geralt for XBO version and Bayonetta for Switch version. That would be cool and give me reason to buy all of them like I did for SC2

ColonelHugh104d ago

Geralt would likely be PC in that scenario, but I think he'll be multiplat

chaos-emeralds105d ago

Monster hunter world it is then.

MeteorPanda105d ago

That'd be terrible. Geralt doesn't kill dragons on principle... mh is nothing but dragons and lizards as big as dragons.

getbacktogaming105d ago

True that! Geralt has a surprisingly 'humane' way of dealing with beasts unlike Monster Hunter...

aarogree104d ago

Hey, for all we know it could be all of the above.

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The story is too old to be commented.