EVERSPACE Dev: XB1X Is A Beast For A Console, Runs The Game @ Native 4K; PS4Pro To Use Checkerboard

Wccftech talked with EVERSPACE developer ROCKFISH Games about the upcoming Xbox One X update (which will run the game at native 4K) and the PlayStation 4 Pro release, where EVERSPACE will run at checkerboard 4K resolution.

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ChristMustDie283d ago

I'm not even surprised to hear this anymore. Every third party game I've purchased in 2018 has been on the Xbox One X because it typically runs much better. Still, the checkerboard technique isn't bad by any means.

Imp0ssibl3283d ago

If only someone would poke DICE...Battlefield 1 is PS4 Pro enhanced but not Xbox One X enhanced, which is super lame.

Babadook7283d ago

Two beasts. Both reaching 4k!

NXFather282d ago

Thats because Dice knew the power of the 1X would overcompensate.

Army_of_Darkness282d ago

4k checker boarding still looks and runs great on my 4ktv, so personally I don't think it's worth forking out $600 for the onex just to get a little higher resolution for 3rd party games when I already have a console that already plays both exclusives and 3rd party games well enough until next gen.

Kumakai283d ago (Edited 283d ago )

That’s why the x is now my go to console for all games now and my pro pretty much just plays the occasional PS4 exclusive. Games look pristine on it with a 4k screen and it usually has better effects and bigger draw distances too.

NXFather282d ago

Yeah Gtx 980 and hit up youtube for that X.

ZeroX9876282d ago

I Honestly don't care about 4K compared to 60fps in EVERY game. I wish there was always the option of lowering the graphics a bit to have 60 fps instead. I'm pretty sure the XB1X and the PS4Pro can handle 1080p 60fps in most games. Give us the option and I'll be a happy gamer :)

darthv72282d ago

The games I have been getting lately have all been XBO versions, because at some point I plan on getting an X and the games will just run better by default and the enhanced ones will be even more improved.

NXFather282d ago

Ill just get the next X box if it has exclusives since it will be bc or just buy a new PC since it will enhance the next Xbox by default.

NXFather282d ago

Yeah 4k on the PC is sweet and its not too shabby on the 1X at all.

PFFT282d ago

Difference between Native and Checkerboard is quite minimal.

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Septic283d ago

"There is no denying, for a console, the Xbox One X is a beast, and we are glad that it closes the gap to mid-class gaming PCs. Of course, you will always have more computing and rendering power in a high-end gaming PC, but it will come at a much higher cost, in a much bigger casing, and with more maintenance effort. "

Indeed! You get a lot of bang for your buck with the 1X.

The PS4 Pro won't be a slouch though so its all good:
"Granted, the PS4 Pro does not provide the same oomph as the Xbox One X does, but even in checkerboard 4K, the game looks significantly better."

Eonjay282d ago

Honestly you cannot tell the difference and I'm like 5 feet away with a 55 inch TV. You can tell the difference from upscalled 1080p to checkerboraded or native 4K but in my opinion the fact that I can't tell checkerboard from native means that the Pro is a better bang for my buck because you are perceiving 4K for only $400. The extra $100 goes to reaching a native 4K on the X model and that is what the extra power is used for. I have more testing to do but honestly, I wish they focused on graphics more than resolution. Its a waste to me. And yes I know I can switch my output to 1080p and get better graphics in that mode, Its basically like a super clear PS4. And the PS4 is already hitting 1080p in most games. Horizon Zero Dawn on the Pro looks better than any games on these enhanced platforms and this is what I think developers need to do for both. Use a high quality checkerboarding solution with focus on enhancing everything else. You have a Pro right?

Eonjay282d ago


The X is a more powerful console and there are some cases where there can be enhancements on the Xbox version that are absent from the Pro version. PlayStation fans aren't deniers of reality. Thats a Microsoft exclusive. What I am saying is that you can't really tell the difference between a native and checkerboard 4K. You can't and I can't. Therefore, if makes more sense for the Pro to continue to use this (for 4K TV owners) and for the X to continue to do this or dynamic as before to focus more on graphics. The Pro is more than 2X as powerful as the PS4 so I agree with you that the developers that are not focusing on higher res textures need to correct that. Higher resolution isn't everything. I am more than satisfied with my Pro though. The Xbox is not for me.

Eonjay282d ago


VSOP is one of my gotos lol...

NXFather282d ago

Its even better with 4k Oled but that defeat the point.

Slurms282d ago Show
TheRealHeisenberg282d ago

Lol, I don't think I've ever tried it. Might need to hit the ABC store.

strifeblade282d ago

well thats nice but the fact is if you can't notice the difference it means your tv size and viewing distance is not optimal for 4k. At 55 inches to full enjoy 4k you need to sit 3 feet. I own a 65 and the recomended full 4k experience is 4 feet. And i actually sit about 5-6. But needless to say I feel I fully enjoy 4k.

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NXFather282d ago

Yeah I like PC performance with gtx 980 and fx 8350 i bought a year and a half ago.

TRU3_GAM3R283d ago

Just like many games ,i'm really impressed by the X capabilities.

NXFather282d ago

Yeah its good but, its nonthing to write home about.

timotim282d ago

Ummm...yes it is. I have an X and a 4k OLED...the experience is amazing.

Kiwi66282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

Then why are there articles about it then if it "its nothing to write home about" ?

Dragonscale282d ago

@kiwi, well they gotta have something to brag about lol.

KaiPow283d ago

No PSVR support, that's a shame.

Alexious283d ago

I wish at Sony they'd just drop PSVR and focus on non-VR gaming.

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Kribwalker282d ago

most people disagree? it took 9 months for it to sell 1 million to an install base of over 60 million. It was strategically left out of the latest earnings call from sony, just like the vita. I’d say the majority agree with Alexious, as the majority haven’t bought a PSVR to start with

NXFather282d ago

I hope you buy one and get on board.

Christopher281d ago

I'd agree with you if they weren't already supporting Non-VR games really well. I think in this case, let's let VR people have their VR and we keep getting our games (which are also their games). Not like we'd get more than one new IP out of it and Sony is already restructuring to improve first-party even more (to be seen).

When first-party offerings start to slack off, then I think we'll have room to argue the investment in other areas of gaming. Until then...

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timotim282d ago

This is for most devs unfortunately. PSVR is relatively low compared to the base models. Devs aren't really going to put in the extra work when its not really going to make them more money...

OneLove283d ago

Yay the beast shines again and again.

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