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COGconnected: In this updated version of Secret of Mana, everything you loved -and hated- about the original SNES game is back, just as you remember it.

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Number-Nine146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

Blue, green, pink. Did he not notice the colors when accessing the weapon wheel? It should open around the character you want but it's not as confusing as he makes it sound.

And the combat system isn't flawed. It is still fun. There are some issues with the enemies programming. After some hits they lay on the ground frozen.

paintedgamer1984146d ago

I was really hoping this game was going to be amazing. I guess not all remasters/remakes are all created equal.

shinoff2183145d ago

Did you play it or just going off the reviews. Every review complains about the same stuff. I haven't played it yet but I swear some of these reviews just seem to nit pick things just for the sack of nit picking

Elda145d ago

I'm enjoying it,it plays like the original just with enhanced graphics & music.