GameWatcher Plays Final Fantasy XV PC in Maximum Settings, in FPS, with Mouse & Keyboard controls!

From GameWatcher: "Final Fantasy XV, the latest game in the long-running franchise, is coming to PC next month at long last. We got to play an hour of the Windows Edition early and wanted to do something unique to the PC version, so we played Final Fantasy 15 on PC in Max Settings, with Mouse and Keyboard, in First-Person Mode. That’s with all the Nvidia stuff on too."

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antikbaka28d ago

if the only thing that is mentioned after all this time is Graphic...just prepare yourself for one of the worst FF games. Hated it on ps4

Cupofjoe28d ago

Eh go halo or something ffxv is amazing get over it

bigmalky28d ago

It's the worst FF in the numbered series... Fact.

CDbiggen28d ago

I'd rather play halo tbh.

Teflon0228d ago

XV was decent, not great and not bad. Personally VIII and the first 3 definitely aren't as good as XV imo

mikeslemonade28d ago

Graphics are important, look at SotC remake. Because of graphics along the game is $40 from $10 value.

And Halo is overrated, that game that spanked by cod4.

NovusTerminus28d ago


I'm pretty such it's well established that FFXIII is the worst of the main line games.

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Kurisu28d ago

I didn't "hate" it, but it was definitely a disappointment. The game had so much potential, but that potential was never reached. It's a real shame.

AnubisG28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

It is not a good game but for some reason I keep playing it. The story was not bad but nothing memorable. The side quest are the dumbest I have ever seen in a game. My whole reason to play that game thogh is to take down that huge turtle.

Plus the main characters.... I don't even have the words for those emo kids. 😆

Alexmaru28d ago

I really like'd the game 😁 not loved, nyt really like'd 😉

Sprinter2428d ago (Edited 28d ago )

yeah ... :-/ I bought a digital copy with the added DLC and played through it. Right after I beat the main campaign I deleted it from my system. Didn't even consider playing the extra content that I payed for. It's the first game that I regret buying Digital cause now it's in my library forever.

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Harkins172128d ago

Waiting for all the dlc and next years goty version to buy on PC.

drunkenspy00727d ago

yeah graphics don't matter if the game is bad