Buy PixelJunk Eden, get Monsters Encore Free

No one can doubt the incredible popularity of PixelJunk Monsters. That game continues to sell, months after its release. Now, the PixelJunk team wants you to try Eden, their latest game. As a bonus, they'll give you a free download of the Monsters Encore expansion. The add-on pack adds 15 new levels (and a random level generator). This should be a deal for those that love PJM and are looking for something new.

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C_SoL3484d ago

I got a e-mail saying if I buy Eden I get the Add-on soundtrack for free.

Did anybody else get that???

pilotpistolpete3484d ago

I'm sorry, but honestly, make the single mode levels easier in monsters, especially Encore. I would definatly invest some more time into completing the game if I knew it was theoretically possible to beat.

DRUDOG3484d ago (Edited 3484d ago )

Q games said they were going to patch it and add difficulty levels or adjust the difficulty. I've been waiting for the patch for a few months. I remember people saying that encore was easier, but I totally disagree. Even the easier levels were kicking my a$$.

BTW, I have no idea why this is under TGS 08, I didn't "check" that box. Anyone know how to change it?

avacadosnorkel3484d ago

do they honestly think that people who would be interested in the expansion wouldn't have got it already?

...and to the people above me who say the game is impossible...

I agree.

But I believe I can do it someday if I never quit and play for life.