PUBG's First Xbox One Patch Of 2018 Is Coming Soon; Will Provide "Quality of Life" Improvements

GameFragger: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' first patch of 2018 for Xbox One will address "known crashes" and provide quality of life improvements and gameplay adjustments.

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81BX317d ago

If you're looking for any specifics other than the patch was scheduled to go to MS today, then don't click. If your going to do an article on this atleast confirm that. Jesus

chrisoadamson316d ago

Go to eurogamer site to for a breakdown of the patch

317d ago
DrumBeat317d ago

I need a good shooter but this game looks like a janky mess.

HyperMouse317d ago

Its not as bad as people make out but its not perfect

RadicalCannibal316d ago

The PC one was a mess at launch, now it's Steams most played game, go figure

ravinash316d ago

There was a bit of rubberbanding when 1.0 came out on Steam, but that seems to be sorted now.

jagermaster619316d ago

It has it's problems but it's worth the price imo. It's only going to get better in future updates, the reason this game is so addicting is you never play the same match twice. I recommend it but don't blame the people that want to wait for it to run better.

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chrisoadamson316d ago

New patch adds first person more