(Kingdom Hearts) TGS Day Two Roundup

Kingdom Hearts Insider writes: "Not a lot of news came out from TGS today, but we did get one piece of an interesting update, seen below. Now remember, now that Day Two of TGS is nearing completion that signifies the end of the "Private" portion of the event. For the next two days, TGS will be opened to the public which means that we will get something that I'm sure everyone has been craving for - detailed Trailer and Demo Impressions. They are only hours away now, so we hope you enjoy what we have received for today, and look forward to the next two days!" (Including KH: BBS, 358/2 Days)

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Charlie26883538d ago

Day 2 seems to have been a pretty slow day...hopefully things will start to pick up in the next days when those Sony "mystery" events

DanteLinkX3538d ago

Are one of the best RPG series, right next to Tales of and Final Fantasy series in my book =D. Can't wait for these games, I though that by now we would have a KH3 announced either for PS3 or Wii.