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TheSixthAxis: "It seems like every week a franchise firmly associated with all that is Playstation becomes a multiplatform game for all to play.

The bombshell at E3 of a 360 Final Fantasy and now the beat them up Tekken will also be sporting a little green X. Lets not forget before that GTA4 was making its day and date debut on two systems. What does this all mean for us?"

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3392d ago
UltimateIdiot9113392d ago

It means it's time to move on from old franchise and make new ones.

I mean sure, I look forward to Final Fantasy XIII (a bit less after it's no longer exclusive) but how many titles can a company milk a title before it shoot itself in it's own foot. Capcom milked Megaman and still milks it but after playing over 20 Megaman games, it's not the same as when it was new.

kingOVsticks3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Like you said its just time to move on with new franchises.Despite games like tekken,dmc,gta etc making it big on the sony platforms doesn't mean they have to continue making it big with sony.Sony saw this coming which is why they invested so much more money into themselves then 3rd party developers,its just to overly expensive when you think about it.So in the long run its probally for the best. It is kinda painful seeing tekken that been on sony platforms for around 10 years jump shift to the xbox 360 for financial reasons but I rather see that happen then not have tekken at all.So its all good maybe Sony has their own "fighting game" or "sandbox game " in the making chances are they do :)

Why o why3392d ago

its time for sony to differentiate. Soon the consoles will be a blur with no reason to chose one other the other. Its like sony's old identity is MS's new 1. 1st/2nd party focus seems to be the way Sony can differentiate itself from its competitor

DARKTRINITYxxx3392d ago

IT means MS are finally getting some decent games on thier console lol. What a sad state off affiars when MS cant come up with thier own and have to steal from SONY.

SuPa-MaRiO3392d ago

Ok Final Fantasy And Tekken Guess Wat Guys Both Systems Are Getting It So Deal With It Its Not Like Sony Is Not Gettin Tekken At All

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