Is The Division worth getting into or going back to today?

About two weeks ago Ubisoft rolled out a massive patch for its looter shooter that people were abandoning left and right. Now players are coming back and newcomers are popping up, so how good is it really?

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cfc83273d ago

I got it for £12. I like it, and i'm sure i'll easily get value for money, even if it turns out to be repetetive.

273d ago
PapaBop273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

Where did you buy it for that price if you don't mind me asking? Actually nvm, just checked Amazon and they have it for a tenner, great last minute not so subtle gift for friends :D

cfc83273d ago

It was on xbox digital store. If you have an xbox you can gift people games. Otherwise go to amazon, cd keys or a search on hotukdeals.

EazyC272d ago

HUKD's great when a bargain pops up, I got GT Sport for just £17 not so long back, unreal!

antz1104272d ago

They lost me the day you could cut the extraction cable in the dark zone. Talk about promoting bad gameplay practices.

Krysis272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

I play the dark zone for division tech which you don't have to extract, that's it. The rest of the gear you get just as easily in pve.

Septic273d ago

Meh- will wait for The Division 2. Its being revealed next year anyway

Septic272d ago

Bookmark this. Its happening. I know it.

PapaBop273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

I hope your right, getting back into the original at the moment and I'm impressed with what Ubi have done with the game. If they learn from their mistakes they made with the original, include some of the changes they've made post launch and generally just don't pull a Bungie, it could be something special.

nismo370273d ago

There will be no division 2 next year

Septic272d ago

It will be revealed next year. Work has already progressed quite far into it.

nismo370272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

Why are you lying? There will be no Division 2 next year.
No source.
The dev team behind The division is working on a new game "Avatar".

Septic272d ago

Why would I lie? I've got nothing to gain from telling you.

If you think it's a lie then okay..

Goozex272d ago

Septic is mr grinch in disguise lol

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CorndogBurglar273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

This game was such a shame.

It needed more variety. All the enemies were just uninteresting people, even the "bosses" were just normal guys with more health.

And the Dark Zone was a giant disaster that could have been fantastic. It was a great idea bit poorly implemented.

Also, better gear that isn't just jackets and beanies.

Me and my friends did have a blast with the co-op tho. I would be interested in a sequel if they address some of these issues.

RacerX273d ago

I always wanted a jump button too.

Kosic273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

Would like in #2, that they make specific classes that you pick at the start. Healer, tank and full DPS.

All have different talent trees.
Healer, buffer, DPS
Tank, absorber (redirected damage), DPS
Dps: Close quarters, mid range, long range

Giving each class a less realistic approach. But healers can heal more often the whole team, tank will get aggro and work specific aggro systems and taunts.

It's not fun when 4 guys run Medi boxes that tick every few seconds and the healing injection ability. The rest of the skills felt very under whelming. Some diversity is needed.

frostypants272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

Remember the amazing graphical demos? It was going to be revolutionary. And then...we got this.

InTheZoneAC273d ago

Funny, just yesterday was telling a buddy I should hop back on just take care of a few things to get my platinum and try out the dlc I never played since I quit the day that dlc1 released.

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