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War Thunder Shield Tablet Interview

32d ago - Gaijin Entertainment developer Alexander Trifonov explains how Nvidia Tegra K1 and the Shield Tab... | Android

War Thunder debuts on OnLive's CloudLift streaming service

164d ago - Samit Sarkar of Polygon writes: "War Thunder, the free-to-play military MMO from Russian studio G... | PC

Gaijin Hopes To Release PS4 War Thunder in the USA Within January

280d ago - War Thunder PS4 will hopefuly launch in North America within January, says Gaijin Entertainment,... | PC

Cross-Play For War Thunder Still Planned; PS4 Version Only Getting Prettier Over Time

283d ago - Our exclusive interview with Gaijin Entertainment about War Thunder: Cross-Play, a tablet version... | PC

Getting started in Archeage

Now - Quick overview from Curse on everything you need to get going in Archeage. | Promoted post

Is PS4′s audience ready for free-to-play indie titles? Early bird developers say yes

310d ago - Free-to-play games have walked a difficult line on PC and mobile devices. On the one hand, they’r... | PS4

War Thunder PS4 Gameplay Interview Part 2

324d ago - Gaijin Entertainment CEO Anton Yudintsev breaks down the multiplayer gameplay experience on the W... | PS4

War Thunder PS4 Gameplay Interview

332d ago - Gaijin Entertainment CEO Anton Yudintsev explains what PS4 adds to the WWII MMO in this exclusive... | PS4

War Thunder - Recording Sound of Aircraft Engines

372d ago - Short demonstration of sound recording made for War Thunder combat MMO game by Gaijin Entertainment. | PC

War Thunder wins "best simulation" game award at Gamescom

419d ago - War Thunder flies away with the coveted "best simulation" award at Gamescom 2013, for it's PlaySt... | PC

Gaijin on why War Thunder isn’t coming to Xbox One

423d ago - Gaijin Entertainment confirmed that it will be releasing its free-to-play aerial combat MMOG War... | PS4

War Thunder is Available on Steam

429d ago - Gajin Entertainment, developer of military MMO War Thunder, announced that as of today the game w... | PC

Free-2-Play Friday: War Thunder

436d ago - PSU checks out a different free-to-play game every Friday that is either on PlayStation or will b... | PC

Skydive: Proximity Flight devs consider Kinect version "a big step forward"

438d ago - "Skydive: Proximity Flight is an ambitious endeavour with great potential, if for no other reason... | Xbox 360

Matter of Interest: Warthunder

558d ago - From DevastatinglyAverage "Warthunder stands out from the other free to play games that i have d... | PC

Gaijin Entertainment Announces World of Planes

1220d ago - A historical flying simulation MMO game that will be released under free to play model. | PC

New hack and slash game;Blades of Time coming 2012 from Konami

1230d ago - New title in the works from Gaijin Entertainmnet coming early 2012 | Xbox 360

Braveheart Impressions (Goozernation)

1396d ago - Braveheart is one of the best new iPhone games that you can buy, and it's only $.99 at the App St... | iPhone

Gameroni: Apache: Air Assault Preview

1437d ago - Andrew Cretella writes: "Apache: Air Assault is intended to be a realistic simulation of Apache c... | Xbox 360

The Average Gamer: Hands on Preview with Apache Air Assault

1464d ago - Weefz got her grubby paws into a hands-on preview of Apache Air Assault earlier this week. You kn... | PC

BIT TRIP developer confirms work on 3DS project

1469d ago - Gamerzines writes: "Developers of the popular Wiiware series BIT TRIP, Gaijin Games, has revealed... | Nintendo DS

Get paid to review products

Now - Join the finest minds in consumer research and change the world one product at a time. Share your unique opinion and get paid for it! Participation... | Promoted post

First BIT.TRIP FATE Gameplay Trailer Shows off "2-D Rail Shooting" Madness

1506d ago - We finally get to see the gameplay of BIT.TRIP FATE, and it's actually an on-rail shooter, with r... | Wii

Death Track: Resurrection review- PlayStation Network- Gameplaybook

1567d ago - Gaijin Entertainment's revival of the 1989 PC game stalls when it should be roaring forward. | PS3

Meodia - Bit.Trip Runner Review

1595d ago - Meodia reviews the latest entry on the acclaimed WiiWare franchise. | Wii

GameXplain: Bit.Trip Runner Review

1615d ago - GameXplain writes: "As I booted up Gaijin Game’s latest, Bit.Trip Runner, for the first time and... | Wii

Sudogamer: Wings of Prey PC review

1619d ago - Sudogamer reviews Wings Of Prey, a flight sim from the developers of the famous IL-2 series – Dei... | PC
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