Top 10 Hardest Games of 2017 to Make You Rage Quit

2017 certainly had its fair share of hair pulling, teeth grinding experiences. But when it comes to the truly hardest video games, these 10 particular titles no doubt take the cake, mush it into tiny pieces, and throw it back at you while hitting you over the head with a wooden spoon until you get it right.

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Jinger357d ago

1. Never heard of it...
2. Ruiner aint too bad
3. The Surge? You mean the easier Dark Souls knock off?
4. Cuphead had some difficulty spikes for sure.
5. Crash? Really? You mean the games I beat when I was like 7.
6. Nioh was amazing, but you can easily get OP and doesn't really get hard until the end game stuff.
7. Haven't played The End is Nigh, but I hear its good.
8. Breathe of the Wild Master trials. haven't gotten to this one either, but they compare it to the Eventide mission which was awesome, but not exactly rage quit.
9. Hollow Knight I need to get to as well. Heard great things.
10. Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle i guess is hard if you have never played Xcom.. Fun game and unique twist of IP's, but wasn't exactly rage inducing.

Xerneas357d ago

None of the games I played here made me rage quit. Cuphead, Crash, Mario+Rabbids, BotW Master Trials, or Nioh.