VR is Failing with New Editions of Popular Games such as Doom and L.A. Noire Bringing in Few Players

When the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift launched in 2016, virtual reality seemed to be the future of gaming. But as those who’ve purchased pricey VR platforms can tell you, despite the revolutionary tech, there’s not much in terms of new games to help justify making the plunge on new hardware.

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Neonridr333d ago

well it definitely doesn't help when these devs are trying to block out a large chunk of the VR playerbase by having hardware checks in place.

S2Killinit333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

The article is clickbait anyway. If anything VR is only catching steam. Firewall looks to reinvent FPS genre, Ace Combat is incoming and developers are getting to learn the ins and outs. I think the future of VR looks bright.

Neonridr333d ago

Firewall looks great, but I don't know about reinventing the FPS genre. FPS VR is an entirely different genre on its own anyways. And even more so if it's a multiplayer game.

But yes, VR seems to be doing well and there is a lot of healthy content on the way for both PSVR and PC.

S2Killinit333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

Agreed. I didnt mean it would replace FPS, it would be a wholly different type of FPS as you mentioned.

Apocalypse Shadow333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

S2,this article is speaking 100% about PC VR and not PSVR and its games.

And, the article does a poor job of comparing PC flat screen gaming that has over 40 years of a foundation to PC VR that only started out for consumers over a year ago.

Even if it was a current Steam comparison, it still wouldn't be fair. I'd bet that when Steam first started, a lot of games didn't have many players per hour or whatever this measurement is in that beginning.

I would suggest the article writer compare PC VR to PC flat screen gaming when PC VR gets a few years under its belt and the HMDs are inexpensive to buy.

It's like trying to compare touch screen phones or a specific touch screen phone in its first year on the market compared to how many consumers were using flip phones in that same year. It wouldn't be a fair comparison.

zb1ftw777333d ago

Not really no.

VR has a niche market, but still it's niche. No more, no less.

The common man can not justify purchasing VR in its current form. Let's look why -

- not affordable to buy a new PC and a VR setup. Simply not affordable.
- not powerful enough to be interested in a playstation vr setup. It is underwhelming compared to PC VR.
- not enough room in the house. Average roomsize in a common house is not big enough for VR.

VR for the common man is an extremely bad investment.

If the common man doesn't buy a product, it will never be mainstream. If a product isn't mainstream, it is niche.

VR is not making itself accessible to the common man, don't delude yourself. It has a LONG way to go.

Babadook7333d ago

Yah on the pc side this might be the case. Psvr is a godsend tho

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RauLeCreuset333d ago

@Apocalypse Shadow

So many detractors have these attitudes like they're expecting a wireless room-scale experience at resolutions identical to current gen flat screen games for little cost, as if the tech is going to evolve to that point without people investing in it.

Apocalypse Shadow333d ago

Yeah. It surprises me on how some gamers can't understand how a product starts out. They seem to expect overnight success for any new thing or it's a failure.

I've watched for over 35 years as games went from simple text and dots and lines to the graphics we see today. And one knob or button and joystick to the controls we see today.

Some can't even see how some things take time to grow and had to start from somwhere. And were expensive to buy initially but then became cheap to buy but still high quality.

I don't understand some people. PC VR will keep growing, get better and become cheaper to buy destroying nay sayers assumptions guaranteed.

maybelovehate333d ago

Still so far to go. Until locomotion feels good in vr games, it is more just a tech demo instead of a real gaming platform.

S2Killinit333d ago

Whatever it is its great. Im totally enjoying my time with VR, and its only getting better from here.

maybelovehate333d ago

I enjoy VR as well. It is my primary development platform right now. But sadly the locomotion is still a huge hurdle. Making games were the player is confined to a small zone is fun but so limited. Making games with locomotion cuts out 90% of the audience do to motion sickness. And even the player who don't get sick it still feels wrong. It will get there one day.

xenz333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

@maybelovehate «I enjoy VR as well. It is my primary development platform right now.» Nice attempt at trying to sound credible, but you just come off as a guy that have 0 experience with the platform.

S2Killinit333d ago

I see what you mean but if people thought like that we wouldnt have gaming to begin with. I remember when games were so blocky that you got headaches if you played for long hours, people used to get seizures because of the blocky patterns, and yet people also loved those games. That’s why we are here.

So, I find it difficult to comprehend when gamers downplay how awesome VR is. I want to shake them and say “come on man” its virtual reality. Its finally doable! How amazing is that?? But then i hear some comments or reviews that act like VR should be toe to toe with regular gaming for it to be even acceptable. SMH is all i can do.

rainslacker333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

lol. For someone who claims to develop VR to say that 90% of the audience gets motion sickness just shows that you aren't in the field, or you just like making up stuff to try and make a point.

Locomotion doesn't cause motion sickness in and of itself, it's poor implementation of locomotion which disorients some players to experience something akin to motion sickness. If someone gets motion sickness, it's likely to be across the board, and not just due to movement, as the feeling is caused by a disjointed feeling between perception and what the body feels. That tends to be persistent from any movement, not just traversal within a scene. It's also usually short lived, as people who experience motion sickness at first, often do get over it after a few uses, which is why moderation is important for new users until they know how it affects them. Those that continue to have problems, probably aren't using VR at all for the long term. It's not to say some games can't induce it, but that's usually because the developer goes too far to try and make a game more "fluid" through movement, instead of realizing that VR itself is the motion that is usually all that is necessary.

There are plenty of games with some sort of locomotion that seem to do fine. To claim that it feels wrong to other players(the assumed 10%) is just hyperbole without any real statistical backing given the variety of games that already sell.

maybelovehate332d ago (Edited 332d ago )

@S2Killiinit: I agree with most of what you said. But it is still makes it feel more like a tech demo. Which is fine for this stage. It is basically a tech demo. VR is going to be so amazing one day and getting that teaser now is really awesome. And in my opinion getting locomotion right isn't that far off, just need to give the senses some feedback of movement. We are experimenting with variable fans and vibration right now that really help. It is settle but enough to make the user feel like they are actually stopping which helps immensely. Now the issue is making it available to enough users that you can program around these kinds of things. Baby steps.

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Neonridr333d ago

I just wish more games supported both methods. I mean no reason not to give players options. I get that some people get sick and VR is still relatively new. But forcing people into using say teleport only is not going to win over many gamers. People like the option.

RauLeCreuset333d ago

I think they're starting to realize that. I would hope Skyrim learned that lesson for everyone. Choice is key with VR. Teleporting was never my thing.

maybelovehate332d ago

True, but it is hard to program for both of those scenarios since they are nothing alike when creating ai and physics etc.

Profchaos333d ago

Skyrim feels like they finally nailed it if you use move controls and modify the default settings

sampsonon333d ago

i take it you didn't play Resident Evil psvr then? lol

frostypants332d ago

VR is doing just fine as a display alternative. Not sure how a particular type of display support dictates whether it's a tech demo or not...

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alb1899333d ago

I keep saying that VR has potential but doesn't worth my money or my time right now.

yeahokwhatever333d ago

there's a lot of really good content for VR. its a different beast. its really up to designers to get up off their asses and stop trying to shoehorn VR into classic-controlled successful games for a quick buck, and instead make new compelling experiences like Super Hot. A hyper-realistic trap shooting game for instance would be incredible. There are plenty of things that lend themselves perfect for VR. Classic FPS is not one of them.

zaspohuspi333d ago

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plmkoh333d ago

We need Mario Kart in VR. Anyone who has played the short experience in Tokyo will say the same.

kevnb333d ago

Vr is at the point where they should be focusing on niche games that the people who bought these things will like, casual gamers don’t have vr yet.

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