Rumor: Burnout Paradise rated for Switch in Brazil

NE's Brian:
"Could Burnout Paradise be making its way to Switch? A supposed classification from Brazil could provide at least some hope that it could be happening."

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FriedGoat312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

Burnout Paradise is amazing, my favourite burnout.
I actually did everything in this game on the 360, and the DLC.
It's a shame that Criterion haven't made a game of this quality in so long... They tried to with Need for speed Most wanted but they just took all the fun out of it.

KyRo312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

My first ever platinum trophy this game was. It was fairly easy except trying to get all 8 players into the stadium for one of the missions was a pain to get. Easily the best online racer ever made. I miss arcade racers so much. I don't care about tweaking engines and suspension in these sim racers. Just give me fun racers again like Burnout, Split Second, the good NFS's again. Apart from NFS and Flat out 4 this gen has been awful for arcade racers.

Concertoine312d ago

Burnout Paradise is the only racing game for me. The gaming equivalent of smashing hot wheels cars together.

What a weird game to port but it would be a perfect game for Switch:

Nerdmaster312d ago

Actually, Need for Speed Payback is the game that most resembles Burnout, and it was shaping to be a great game... if freaking EA didn't put a freaking loot box system necessary for progression in the freaking game. Star Wars Battlefront II gets all the hate, but EA has been applying its shi**y greedy tactics in other games as well.

vickers500312d ago

I don't like racing games, but I LOVED burnout paradise. Platinum'd it. It's the first and probably the only racing game I like, not counting mario kart.

Plus it was one of the first and few games to add custom soundtracks to ps3. Criterion supported the hell out of this game after launch, plenty of free good dlc, some paid that was even better.

Burnout Paradise 2 will be the only racer I ever buy after the first. It makes racing/car games fun for people who don't like the genre. Plus, that soundtrack...

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KwietStorm312d ago

Some of the most fun I've ever had online.

addictedtochaos312d ago

Would rather have Burnout Revenge.

shuvam09312d ago

Now wouldn't I love that...
Revenge is by far my favourite in the series...

bluefox755312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

It's a shame they stopped making these games. A new Burnout on current gen consoles/PC would be awesome, bet they'd do insane things with the crash physics.

BenRC01312d ago

This has to stop or it will go the way of the Wii u. It'll get a name as the place for last gen ports just like the U, Nintendo need to steer well clear of this.

EddieNX 312d ago

I believe this will be like L'A Noire and be on XB1 and PS4 with improved visuals also. The Switch is nothing like the Wiiu. It's 100% portable for a start so a portable version of burnout is cool. Arguably cooler than a home console version with sub PC graphics.

zacfoldor312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

The quality of the games the switch is getting is a lot better than the Wii and Wii-U imho, and they are portable. I'm all for it. This does nothing but improve the console, they should try and get more old console games that can now be played in mobile mode. "New" games are less important when you change the way you can play the old ones. Plus there is a huge ocean of games that many people missed that are perfect for ports to the Switch because they work great on mobile. It's nice to have games like Stardew Valley to be able to play on the go for Switch, and I'd love to have a full burnout game I could play setting on my front porch. This platform gives those great games a second chance to show what they got, and a lot of them deserve it(Bayonetta 2).

Cyro312d ago

Yeah they should be getting the new Burnout...oh wait.

BlaqMagiq1312d ago

Hopefully there's a PS4 version to go with that.

DarkZane312d ago


The fact this article here is not the first that popped up in the last few days might land some credibility to it.

BlaqMagiq1312d ago

Whoa you the real MVP for that. If this is true, does this mean EA actually sees remasters as another way to make money or get on consumers' good sides? Either way if this turns out to be true this could open up the possibility of the Mass Effect Trilogy being remastered.

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