PUBG Xbox Performance Appears to Improve by Turning off Game DVR/Capture on both XB1X & XB1

It appears that the PUBG Xbox performance can be improved on both XB1X and XO by turning off the console’s Game DVR capturing feature.

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Zero_Suit_Samus367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

“Dude. This drastically improved the game on Xbox One X. I instantly noticed an improvement in the menu, load in time, fps (parachute sequence is still choppy), and oddly enough it seems like the draw distance has improved a bit“, one user replied.“

Sounds like nothing more than placebo effect to me. I’ll wait for Digital Foundry to take a look. If this really does help then Microsoft should fix the issue ASAP.

UltraNova367d ago

They cant fix the underpowered CPU. They can however, work with Bluepoint to optimize the game's code to a working state.

367d ago
DJStotty367d ago

Who is bluepoint? think you mean bluehole?

Enjoigamin367d ago

I think bluepoint is a beer company. The toasted lager is quite delicious.

UltraNova367d ago

Yeah beer, had a couple last night...10 times!

fathertime4464366d ago

@ ultra
Well at least we've all learned something by your beer comment. Not only do you talk out your a$$ because you obviously know nothing about anything, but your like 12

366d ago

Stop saying "CPU", Battlefield, COD, Titanfall and Battlefront have no issue running at a solid 60fps @ 4k with PC high/ultra settings. The game is poorly optimized even on PC trying to get a solid 60 @ 4k with an i7 and 1080i is not easy! The console is capable as those aforementioned games have proved it to be.

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darthv72367d ago

@infected... not to worry. DF will likely say the same thing. And what should Ms actually fix? Game DVR works with pretty much all other games on the xbo but we all know this game is un optimized so.... is that really MS fault or Bluehole?

366d ago
rainslacker366d ago

MS published it on the X1, so I'm going to say the publisher who released a game that wasn't ready to be released. Not to say the developer isn't also culpable or incapable of doing the optimization, but MS ultimately decided to release it in it's current state.

rainslacker366d ago

I'm actually curious if this is the case, because the capture stuff isn't supposed to use resources that is available to the games themselves. If it does, then it should have a similar effect in all games, and I've never read a report that turning off the DVR/Capture would improve other games, no matter how insignificant.

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XiNatsuDragnel367d ago ShowReplies(3)
corroios367d ago

Also they can use the other secret sauces and get 4x the power.

Rude-ro366d ago

Still whitewashing the lie about 4x the power in order to sell consoles?

NoPeace_Walker367d ago

People already tried it and posted their comments on Reddit. comments/7joz2q/psa_turn_off_g a me_dvrgame_capture_for_more_st a ble/

"My word it works! One X feels way closer to stable 30 now!"

"holy crap you are officially my hero for pointing this out o_o This works like a charm"

I also tried it a couple hours ago and it does work. It is legit. 👍🏼

A great spare tire method until further patch of the early access. Whoever discovered this, great work.👍🏼

TankCrossing367d ago

If you just change the DVR to write to a different drive to the one the game is installed to does it make a difference?

If the writing to disk is the problem then the game might benefit from a nice external SSD. If the encoding is the problem then I'll disable DVR altogether (even without any interest in PUBG).

NoPeace_Walker367d ago

Mine was just from my 4tb 5200 speed ext drive and it did the job but I did also see postings on reddit and say using a ext SSD helps tremendously also. I might need to test it out over the next few days to see if there are any more addional benefits from a SSD.

SierraGuy367d ago

Great so now to play this junk game we need to fork out how much on an SSD? Lol and if it is a problem with DVR functionality again a problem with Microsoft software.

366d ago
NoPeace_Walker367d ago

S = Superb job at running native 4k and now stable framerate of a 3 day old pre-release code. 👍🏼

Unreal01367d ago

^stable but garbage framerate.

366d ago
gigoran366d ago

S= stupidly have to gimp an upgraded console because it would be too much of an advantage over the owners of the original console on mp games

rainslacker366d ago

lol @ no peace

So superb that you have to disable features to free up resources to make it work better?

Not that I care about dvr or capture, but come on. No other game requires you do this, and no other game I know of actually gets improved because of this. The resources for DVR and capture are system run, and aren't supposed to affect the games resources at all. If PUBG does somehow use those resources, it's just another time when MS didn't follow it's own compliance standards, and I can't fathom how those resources would have been made available to the game in the first place.

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roduts366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

I would have the draw the line at a SSD, too expensive yet to consider it to be a fair option, DVR option brilliant, great that it works, I have this game ready for Crimbo so this is important for me to know, but you do not need a SSD in a PC to get better performance in game so I can't see why you would need one on the console?

366d ago
Atticus_finch366d ago

Native 4k! Really? Why does the game look so ugly then. What was the word people started using. Oh yeah, soup textures. Enjoy that 4k soup.

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bluefox755367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

Remember not long ago this was supposedly going to run at 60fps? Now they can't even make it run at 30, even on "da beast", lmao. What a mess.

NoPeace_Walker367d ago

Well 30fps and native 4K on the third day of a pre-release code is better than NOTHING. 👍🏼

Unreal01367d ago

"Native 4k"

LMAO, really? I wouldn't be boasting about 4k on a game like this bud, it's not like it really matters when it's so poorly optimised.

Shouting 4k will not change that poor framerate of yours.

OpenGL366d ago

"30fps" haha, maybe when looking at the ground.

366d ago
rainslacker366d ago

"Better than nothing"

Seems about right. That's what most xbox fan boys seem to be willing to accept nowadays.

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