Sony Must Pick Between PSX or Paris Games Week

Push Square: "It’s been a curious conclusion to the year, we must admit. Back at E3 2017 we pondered whether PlayStation Experience was becoming more important to Sony than the Electronic Entertainment Expo after it opted for a safe but unspectacular presentation in Los Angeles. And then, to our surprise, the platform holder announced that it would be holding a press conference at Paris Games Week on 31st October – mere weeks prior to its annual PSX event in Anaheim."

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Cupid_Viper_3344d ago

I don't actually believe that they'll have to choose one over the other really. I think PGW was an important time for Sony to remind people that "Games" are ultimately what matters. Microsoft had spent the prior 15 months marketing and hyping up the XBox One X, and Nintendo Switch is gaining more and more momentum and this was a perfect opportunity to counter that with heavy hitters and reinforce their position and commitment to PSVR.

In my opinion, PGW achieved a number of things for Sony. They showed gamers that they have an amazing catalog of games that can only be found on PlayStation for the most part. They also showed that, without a doubt, that they're the leaders of the VR shift that is happening right now as well. So while some might be tempted to buy the 'next new shiny toy' on the market, they get to make an informed choice on whether or not they want to invest in the PlayStation family or the other 2 competitors.

To us consumers, it doesn't/shouldn't matter if we found out about the games at PGW or PSX which are merely just a few weeks apart. But to Sony maintaining sales momentum matters, and from a business standpoint, it makes a lot of sense for PGW to have priority over PSX this year. The NPD results showing them winning November reinforces that as well.

So I don't think they'll have to choose really... Things should be back to normal next year

JaguarEvolved344d ago

Why should they choose? They should attend all the shows and show whatever they think is best. People always like to think they know what's best for multibillion dollar companies while they are sat on a couch trying to right all the wrongs on the internet. Psx was good this year in my opinion because I don't have unrealistic expectations

DillyDilly344d ago

By the time PSX rolls around it feels like they got nothing to show & what they do can be online announcements at PSX

Dirtnapstor344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

I thought PSX was pretty good as well. They had a few reveals, and the interviews were interesting to say they least. Too many viewers with ADD? It would have been a nice additive if the there were specific trailers saved for PSX, but I guess you would have needed to physically attend to get the full experience.

UCForce344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

I agree with you on that one. PS4 and PSVR will continue the momentum.

Aceman18344d ago

Sony doesn't have to do a damn thing except run their business how they seem fit. They told everyone that this PSX was going to be low key, so I don't know why ppl still set their expectations too high.

I personally liked that couch setting they had because I thought it was cool how the devs talked about the dev process. I dont know when gamers all of a sudden became entitled, but if they think they can do a better job of running a company why don't they set out to do so.

AspiringProGenji344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

PSX is just not a conference/keynote. They focused more on booths ans showfloors this time around and they look really fun to be in. PSX is about being there in the event, not another E3. Shuhei said before E3 is for the Big announcement. PSX is an event for the fans. So they shouldn’t pick between anything. After all they picked PGW over Gamescom already.

yomfweeee344d ago

Exactly right. They just won't broadcast it next year thanks to all the whiners.

killswitch80344d ago

or just move it to January. You have the Game Awards right before it too.

morganfell344d ago

"Sony Must Pick Between PSX or Paris Games Week"

No they must not.

Inconsequential websites must stop making ridiculous demands.

Supposed gaming websites must hire real journalists and an Editor.

Supposed gaming websites must stop publishing clickfest articles.

_-EDMIX-_343d ago

Lol I know right

The idiots just love this either or crap.

This idea of both just alludes them

Apocalypse Shadow344d ago

Another BS article for the holidays to fill up space on the main page on N4G.

Sony did exactly what was needed at Paris Game Week which was give PS4 gamers and PSVR gamers something to look forward to. While showing gamers across the pond what American gamers got to see at E3 that they may not have gotten to see. It wasn't to steal the thunder of Xbox X. Sony stole Microsoft's thunder back in 2013 and never looked back. A $500 dollar system that only makes games look marginally better without exclusives to push it is the same as Microsoft flooding the PC market with MR headsets with nothing to push their VR platform. They have to ride on Valve's Steam content to have anything, Which is another major blunder.

PSX is for *GAMERS* to come together before the holidays and play games, talk shop with developers of those games and feel like actually being connected to Sony's platform.Even if only in a small way.When I went to the first PSX in Las Vegas, It was cool to talk to developers and see stage interviews talking about their upcoming games. I remember having a great conversation with the Galak-Z developers of their game and telling them how it reminded me of Macross/Robotech and the feel of the controls and the look of the game. It feels different than posting comments on some website hoping they get a look of what you say.And give them direct feedback on what you think they could improve.

I also remember talking to a Super Massive developer with Until Dawn.First, the audience got a kick out of helping choose where the character goes next.It. It was cool to see the whole audience play along. Then going to play the game myself with other gamers and chatting in line about games.It was awesome to see The Order 1886. Don't care what others say,my personal opinion is that it's a great,but short game with an amazing world that I hope gets a sequel.

Things like this you just can't experience over the Internet. And even while a different format, Sony *STILL* showed games we haven't seen before that are coming to the platform like Rick and Morty and The Accounting. They don't need to show too many games that will step over games that haven't even released yet like Spiderman, Days Gone,etc. Don't know where these ridiculous complaints come from but from people who set themselves up for failure expecting more more more like you're entitled. PSX is really for those who can get there in person and be part of the Playstation Community. Seeing it over the Internet is just a "join the party." "wish you were here too to experience the awesomeness" kind of thing.

freshslicepizza344d ago

Sony should really be rewarding you personally for all your effort. I have never seen such dedication, it's quite impressive.

What is the point of all these shows when we have the internet?

Majin-vegeta344d ago

Thats Gold coming from you Moldy xD

Outside_ofthe_Box344d ago

"Sony should really be rewarding you personally for all your effort. I have never seen such dedication, it's quite impressive."

LMAO same could be said about you...

"What is the point of all these shows when we have the internet?"

So there shouldn't be shows because the internet exists?

freshslicepizza344d ago

"So there shouldn't be shows because the internet exists?"

There comes a point of just repeating the same thing over and over again. Should they release Star Wars again in March next year?

UCForce344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

I can say the same thing with you. And you are still hypocrites.

Outside_ofthe_Box344d ago


Not sure I follow, but you don't have to watch these shows if you're not enjoying them. As long as there are enough people willing to watch it, I don't see why they shouldn't be held or streamed.

Apocalypse Shadow344d ago

What's the point of changing your name if you are still going to act like the same spoiled bread? There's nothing "fresh" about your comment.

As for what I said, PSX is for those that can be there in person.Which is *WHY* they announce what *CITY* they are going to be in.This isn't a Nintendo direct that is streamed over the Internet to control what message gets put across to the masses. This is Sony coming to the gamers to let them play current games and games still in production that could increase awareness and preorders. Can I play Blood and Truth right now on PSVR?No.But, if I was at the show,I could get a hands on experience of the game before it's release.

But you know this already and are just being you.Are you still a PC gamer while heavily defending Xbox without ***owning*** the console as usual?What REWARD were you getting for doing that?At least I own the product I support for bringing new and exciting games EVERY generation.Your effort is the one that seems quite strange to everybody here.

TheVetOfGaming344d ago

Says the Microbot spokesman hahaha.

Legatus344d ago

MS should really rewarding you personally for all your effort. I have never seen such dedication, it's quite impressive.

Seriously, it's amazing how much you defend xbox, even tho you don't own one, as you said multiple times moldy. It's astonishing really ,especially when you are "not biased at all" towards MS/xbox, like you also said multiple times. You really deserve a medal or something frim MS.

Elda344d ago

The Pot calling the Kettle black.

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ninsigma344d ago

Really well put.

Fact is Sony set our expectations by saying it won't be the same as before and that they won't have much new stuff to show. It's why I didn't bother to stay up super late to watch it. The whole setup was nice but not something I myself wanted to watch. I knew it wouldn't be like another e3 because that's the expectation Sony set And I checked out the schedule that is easily found online but yet again people don't listen and set themselves up for a fall.

Ju343d ago

I applaud you for that comment, @Apocalypse Shadow. Well said.

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