The Analog Circle Podcast: Should Xbox Have Performance Parity For Both Consoles?

In this episode Kiaun will discuss why Game Stop cancelled there gaming rental service,EA talks about there future plans with a streaming service,new DLC will be added to Wolfenstein 2,PUBG wont only be available for Xbox One, and we may get more answers about the highly anticipated game The Last Of Us Part 2 in the next few days. All this and more in episode 73.

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TheEnigma313372d ago

THE Xbone is a damn joke with no games. The PS4 is killing it and the switch is chasing down this sorry ass console. I can’t wait until MS is out of the console business.

Obscure_Observer372d ago


Better have a seat, dude. You know, just in case. ;)

372d ago
Obscure_Observer372d ago


"Should Xbox Have Performance Parity For Both Consoles?"

For Single Player modes? No
For Multi Player modes? Yes

Same goes for PS4 consoles.