Falcom says Switch is "very successful", but unsure if its fan base is on the system yet

Despite Switch’s success, The Legend of Heroes and Ys developer Falcom isn’t quite ready to commit to Switch.

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Vits380d ago

Falcom produces solid titles, but they were never able to move an extraordinary number of copies. They are also a small company, so it makes sense that they are apprehensive about embracing the Switch, especially since their history with Nintendo consoles is virtually non-existent.

What they could do is imitate NIS and launch a port of some older title, just to have some sales parameter. As the vast majority of the company's games were never released on Nintendo consoles, they would probably be treated as a "new release" by the Switch community.

_-EDMIX-_380d ago

I agree with you with Nintendo's Community not really having a strong history of supporting 3rd party games.

DARK_FOX380d ago

That is not what he said at all my dude.

MVGeneral380d ago

I agree as well, Nintendo fans only buy Nintendo games. Bad history of not supporting 3rd parties.

Prince_TFK380d ago

Nintendo fans only buy Nintendo games? Have you read any Nintendo software sale articles lately?

SoulMikeY380d ago Show
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_-EDMIX-_379d ago

@Kun- "not really having a strong history of supporting"

So....don't know where you got "only buy" from.

Stated..."not really" as in, not as much. No "only" no "never' nothing of the sort bud. This company's install base has had a history of not buying a lot of 3rd party games. That isn't really a subjective idea, you can look it up.

Like tehpees3 stated in another post, a lot of that is based on their home consoles, but with Switch being a portable, Nintendo has had a history of moving more 3rd party titles in that area from Capcom, Square etc.

but you clearly still see the majority of all content moving units is Nintendo. I'm still buying a Switch like I bought a 3DS and I know this, this has nothing to do with like or hate, simply numbers folks.

@Soul- I don't need to hate them to state this. Many publishers I like have issues in many areas, you just don't really get how to separate that idea. I buy games from Sony, MS, Nintendo and many more, doesn't mean I agree with all of them on all topics. You folks just love an either or. You can still understand this companies issues with 3rd party titles and still like them as a publisher. Heck I'm still buying a Switch and can fully get they have issues with 3rd party support. Hopefully like tehpees3 pointed out, won't be as bad with Switch being a portable and all. SMTV, Bravely 3rd (hopefully)

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TheGamez100380d ago

Yea it is a tricky one since their games are so little known. Hope they do port their games to the switch.

DJK1NG_Gaming380d ago

What this company don't understand that they need to expand their audience. And for them to say they don't think their fans are on it which were mostly on Vita the past few years only having to go to PS4 because they are shifting their focus off Vita basically forcing Japanese gamers to spend time on their home console.

Beaten and loved Trails of Cold Steel I-II and Ys Memories of Celceta but be real. Falcom you lost your handheld sales.
Don't start backpedaling to the Switch when it goes on to sell 10 million by 2020 in Japan.

_-EDMIX-_380d ago

There been many franchises that expanded over to Nintendo and had multiple entries and they were never able to sell a significant amount this is just an install base of consumers that in the vast majority do not actually by third-party games in fact the majority of people who own a Nintendo system only do so for one publisher in the numbers actually prove that.

Look it up.

One of the big reasons why they're supporting the Vita or even the Playstation 3 or PlayStation 4 is the vast majority of the users on those platforms are not only looking to buy one Publishers games they're all completely open to buy multiple games in fact those systems are simply seen as blank canvases they're not seen us some sort of device that could only be used for won Publishers games.

Nintendo systems have been so dominant by one publisher it's gotten to the point where the system's sales are synonymous for the Publishers games and not neutral and made for a blank canvas for any type of game.

It's pretty much understood that you don't buy this actual system if you actually really want third party games.

You really think someone's picking up the switch and saying I like first person shooters let me just pick two games of the only first person shooters in existence for the platform?

PC PlayStation and Xbox are the systems that are 100% neutral and made as a blank canvas for any type of game to exist on.

Nintendo systems are the only systems I've ever seen in all of gaming that are essentially catered to one publisher.

So there's a great reason for this publisher to be apprehensive because this is not the first time a Nintendo system has sold huge numbers but only in favor of a single publisher.

Trust me selling 100 million wiis doesn't actually mean that audience gives a crap about third-party games or did you forget Call of Duty's low sales?

Game Publishers don't care about how much system sell for "Nintendo" what they need to know how many of that install base are actually going to buy third party games.

DJK1NG_Gaming380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

False.The last time Falcom themselves even made a Nintendo game was SNES.
And stop replying with a wall of text. Ain't nobody got time to read this type of reply.

GameBoyColor380d ago

They are barely on pc too though yet they release there so why not give switch a chance to expand their fanbase

_-EDMIX-_380d ago

I'd say because many Publishers have famously wasted a crapload of money trying to give this install base a "chance"

Why do you think of this generation you're seeing lots of Publishers not even waste the effort? I mean you're noticing Mass Effect Call of Duty Assassin's Creed Watch Dogs and many other series clearly absent from this system.

Trust me that isn't an accident.

Lots of these Publishers have wasted money trying to see if this install base cares about third party games and clearly they don't have anymore money to keep wasting on an experiment they already got the results from years ago.

It's why you're seeing Mario Mushroom Kingdom by Ubisoft and not Assassin's Creed or Watchdogs they already tried it and it's clear this install base of users does not want that , they want more Mario more Zelda and more of the same .....

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