Last Remnant Team So Cannot Wait For Unreal Engine 4

The Last Remnant is all about firsts. It's the first title that Square Enix has made using the Unreal Engine 3, and the first title that Square Enix has used actual foreigners during the game's motion capture - a move, according to art director Yusuke Naora "totally changed our way of thinking about the project".

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Rick Astley3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

Lol @ Japanese devs trying to be American. This is just sad now. Soon we'll see Square-Enix using UE for Final Fantasy. It's a good thing we have Level-5. At least they know how to create new IP's that are different from the rest.

robotnik3449d ago

I agree with you Ricky. Got rolled 2 minutes ago btw.

UnblessedSoul3449d ago

Kotaku..don't take any news there seriously

Pennywise3449d ago

Funny, I can wait for UE4... I CANT wait for UE3 to die.

tako20003449d ago

Can't wait for UE4?

Go fxxkixg work on PS3 version!! damn it!