Star Wars Battlefront 2 Review - Respawning

"You have an uninspired campaign that boils down to a predictable and boring waste of 5 hours. A multiplayer mode that feels too arcade based to last longer than a 1 hour sitting. Then you have the loot box system locking players out of the classes they want to play and encouraging the customer to spend money so that they can feel a sense of pride and accomplishment”

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Neonridr392d ago

3/10 would sort of indicate a broken game. I understand people are upset with the progression system, but come on.

DigitalCentralMedia392d ago

Some sites don't use the rating scale like that. Some sites base it on quality.

bigmalky392d ago

No, a broken game that you can't play at all would get a 0. You can play SWBFII... But you'll have to pay another two grand to unlock all the content that you've already paid for, or spend a couple of impossible thousand hours in one game to get it all... Maybe.

3/10 is fair.

_-EDMIX-_392d ago

Except I'm playing the game right now and that has already been debunked by many other players....

bigmalky392d ago

Edmix... They're reintroducing them soon. They only removed them temporarily, until they decide how much they want to shaft people for when the fire has died down.

Of course it's fine today... Have you not seen the uproar over the past week?

Temporary... Remember that.

_-EDMIX-_392d ago

@Big- "Temporary... Remember that."

Well sure, but the issue is that is not the state of the game today. No reason to lie, no reason to spread misinformation. Its wrong.

Respect for those who fought to have EA remove those features, but don't try to disrespect them by lying as if your helping, your making honest gamers sound like liars.

If you feel this about what the game was GOING to be, sure, but do not misrepresent what it currently is right now.

I see zero options to buy anything.

If you really believe that is the way the game must be, at least be honest about its current state and fight to say THIS is what you want it to be vs lying.

That helps no one. Not even you, not even the gamers you are trying to help.

bigmalky392d ago

To stop them buying into a game that may punish them in the near future for trusting EA?

Now you're just being ridiculous.

The game is still, as far as EA have stated today, possibly going back to a pay to win service.

Their words, not mine. I'll stick by what I say. Go and play your game.

AnubisG392d ago

EDMIX, are you truly this thick? You know why those MT's were removed? Because we, the gamers used our voices to say that this is not ok. We stood up to EA. But it's only temporary and it's been done that way because EA thinks we are idiots and now will buy the game in our millions. Well no, we know it's a trap and none of us trusts EA. They need to completely rework the progession system and completely remove MT's. I'm even ok with DLC pack or a season pass than this pay to win garbage. If you are so inclined to support evil business practices that's all on you but excuse us, real gamers who care about the future of gaming, while we don't support this crap and EA until we get 100% proof that this issue has been resolved and changed for the better. It's because of people like you that it has gotten this bad. Unfortunate, but true.

FlameBaitGod391d ago (Edited 391d ago )

Edmix I think you're confused buddy, they only removed them temporarily and it wasn't because they grew a heart, it was to minimize the damage of launch sales. They will bring mt's back, they are just trying to fool people into buying it now, I'm sorry you can not comprehend something as simple as that.

If gamers wouldn't of united the way they did, satan would of gotten away with it from the beginning.

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Wrex369392d ago

Considering the game isn't releasing with the currency system it was OBVIOUSLY balanced around it is broken, more so now than when he was reviewing it. Even then it was broken still because it's treadmill work on top of full priced game. If you like self mutilation I guess it would be fine, but I'm not paying to be punished lol

rainslacker392d ago

"Then you have the loot box system locking players out of the classes they want to play and encouraging the customer to spend money so that they can feel a sense of pride and accomplishment”

Sounds broken to me. Even if they removed the MT, the progression system hasn't been changed yet, and that has sounded broken to me since this whole thing started.

"uninspired campaign" sounds worthy of mention, although game play is more important and most MP focused games don't get downvoted for it

" A multiplayer mode that feels too arcade based to last longer than a 1 hour sitting."

Seems like a problem for a MP focused game.

Overall, just from the decription alone, I can notice some things that can lead to a poor experience. I hear the game play itself is OK, but several rather big hits against it?

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Diffraction_Fos392d ago

They can have a 10/10 review from me. Its just that I'm keeping it locked behind one of my billion loot boxes. They can try their luck if they want. Only $20 per box.

TheVetOfGaming392d ago

Seems like a fair review. Those who gave it 9/90 on metacritic obviously don't care about gaming and gamers.

ziggurcat392d ago

9/90 seems like an odd metacritic score...

TheVetOfGaming392d ago

I was meaning out of 10/100. Probably should have clarified that, and for reviews in general.

ziggurcat392d ago

even 10/100 is a bad review score... did you mean 10/10?

bigmalky392d ago

He means scoring it with a 9/10 or a 90/100.


_-EDMIX-_392d ago

But a review score is based on how you feel it has nothing to do with others at the end of the day if somebody please this game and they believe it's one of the best games they played their free to give it whatever score they feel like it.

So when you start saying that people who are giving the game a personal score don't care about gaming or other Gamers I have to question exactly what you're talking about because I do not base whether or not I like a game based on other gamers...,.

shammgod392d ago

You're part of the problem.

Dario_DC391d ago

Dude the next time you try to "run your mouth" around here, I'll always remind you, and everyone else, just how much of a shill you are and how you try to screw all gamers by supporting this crap.

_-EDMIX-_391d ago

@Dario- thats nice....

I like playing games, you know...cause I'm a gamer and all. Battlefront 2 is really fun. The single player is surprisingly good. So...yea. No one is trying to "screw all gamers". I simply want to play a game to have fun...don't now where all this aggression has come from, from a gamer....playing a game.

FlameBaitGod391d ago

"But a review score is based on how you feel"

Lmfao, like biology and how everything works in life right ? I feel like a helicopter so I'm a helicopter and thats not the sun up there, its a yellow God who provides us with energy, plus there is no gender, I'm the gender I "FEEL" I am, it has nothing to do with others or reality at the end of the day.

Do I need to add the /s ?

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Prubar392d ago

Well so far I'm enjoying the campaign. Only 2 hours in though. I also really dig the MP. After the beta it was getting pretty boring but for me that had to do with the level itself.

Sgt_Slaughter392d ago

You're almost halfway through the campaign so enjoy it for now

Prubar392d ago

That's really no problem for me. I needed a short and sweet campaign after Evil within 2.

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