NFS Payback Handling Is Still Problematic, But Not If You Play Offroad

One of the biggest issues for most fans in Need For Speed 2015 was its handling model. The model was inspired by NFS games made by Criterion, the folks behind Burnout, which meant a lot of the driving involves drifting. But the one in 2015 promised that it can be tuned to either go full drift or drive like you similar to NFS Underground- using brakes to corner.

Unfortunately, that was not how it turns out.

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Retroman396d ago (Edited 396d ago )

What is wrong with payback . it do Not have NFS Original formula Soul. it still bleeds Criterion Burnout spirit.
Only thing ghost games did add day light races, tweak cops aggression other than that it is 2015 Reboot part 2 with a taste of Rivals . that is MY impression from experiencing the game Personally .
In MY conclusion ........Waste of time and Money .
Just as : prostreets,carbon,undercover ,the run, criterion's hotpursuit,mostwanted, rivals, ghost games reboot and payback . All these 9 games have one thing in common............they All Craptastic to the core.
Last decent NFS was blackbox studio Mostwanted 2005