Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti Price Officially Revealed, Pre-Orders Now Open

Get a look at the new Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Ti specs, which is now available to pre-order..

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DarthSocio294d ago

My 970 is still going strong though I do only play 1080p. Don't know if I should go for the regular 1070 or TI seeing as the difference isn't that big

freshslicepizza294d ago

It's between a 1070 and 1080. The GTX 1080 is still rather pricey so this looks like a good deal to me.

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SegaGamer294d ago

I'm with a GTX 1060 at 1080p and sticking to it. I know 4K is better but if i play anything at 4K i know i won't be able to look back and i won't be satisfied until i can afford it. For now i am sticking to 1080p, a 4K tv and graphics card that can handle minimum 60fps is out of my price range.

ocelot07294d ago

Depends where you are. Here in the UK the cheapest GTX 1070 is £350. The cheapest 1070 Ti at launch will be £420. However, The cheapest 1080 is only £40 more than the cheapest GTX 1070 TI at £480.

Personally I would just go with the 1080 if you can afford it.

sd11294d ago

Same with me. I would need to upgrade my monitor to get the benefits of a stronger gpu.

mocaak294d ago

Wait for the 11-series.

Father__Merrin294d ago

I use a 970 evga ssc still works well. I'd be happy with a 1060 6gb tbh but prices have gone up

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corroios294d ago

How much power diference between the 1070 and the 1070TI?

Critic4l_Strik3294d ago (Edited 294d ago )

Good question

just_looken294d ago

Its in the article 3rd pic only 400 more cores if you mean wattage used can't be much more the specs are just a little boost over the 1070

cartoonx1294d ago

it's much closer to 1080 thn 1070. it got 2432 cores while 1080 has little more thn 2560 while 1070 got only around 1920. also the base clock is similar to 1080GTX thn 1070. only major difference is tht it got the same GDDR5 of 1070 instead of GDDR5X on 1080.

letsa_go294d ago

1070 is 5.78 TFlops, 1070Ti is 7.81 TFlops.

jaekapow294d ago

Just go for the 1080 at 30-40 bucks more.

hanko14294d ago

love my 1080, looks great on my uhd tv and monitor

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Mkai28294d ago

To be honest, it just seems like waste of development time and money.. Just get the GTX 1080, there you will get the desired frames with 4K with minimum compromise.. At least I think so, should be similar to what I have concerning the 1080 ( MSI GTX 1080 OC)

OpenGL294d ago

They just released it to undermine Vega 56, it probably didn't cost much to develop since it's just a 1080 with some shaders deactivated and GDDR5 instead of GDDR5X.

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