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"The Last of Us is (dare I say it) my favorite game of all time. It hit all the right notes when it came to story, characters, and gameplay throughout an emotional journey of a man and an adolescent girl trekking across the U.S. It’s an emotional roller-coaster the whole way — a daunting, and unforgettable experience. Anyway, you know all of this, unless you’ve been under a rock since 2013. Now, The Last of Us Part II is coming — while we don’t know much about it, I can’t help but wonder what’s next for Joel and Ellie. Here are three things I want from The Last of Us Part II." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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OB1Biker425d ago (Edited 425d ago )

'I’m curious how Ellie has been coping with the thought of Joel dooming all life on earth'
Well you start with a very narrow minded opinion obviously narrowing the path between what you want and what the game will be really about.
'Joel doomed all life on Earth' ....because a 'chosen' one, unique in the universe,
(Ellie) was meant to be a sort of saviour of all life on Earth, 20 years after the outbreak, by letting some fanatics try and squeeze out the magic juice from her brain right?
I stopped reading there, sorry.

4U2NV424d ago

"I would like to see" ...
I want never gets is what I was always told lol. Us gamers need to stop sounding like spoilt entitled brats.

If you WANT things in a game, better you take up coding and game design and make your own game with said things you want.

Then maybe people would understand the hard work developers have to go through to put things in a game without gamers complaining about what wasnt in the game they expected to have.

Dont over expect as thats what brings disappointment when a game releases.