Will Mario be back to his best on the Switch?

Super Mario Odyssey for Switch is releasing on October 27, 2017. Will it be able to match the great success of previous Mario games on earlier platforms?

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FallenAngel1984398d ago

The demo tells me that I can, especially if Luigi is playable

Prince_TFK397d ago

As much as I want Luigi, I think Oddessy is Mario's lone story around the world. Kinda like a holiday or some sort.

ninsigma397d ago

Be great if he was an unlockable character after you finish though.

Prince_TFK397d ago

That would be an awesome unlockable. BTW, Nintendo already stated that Peach will play a major role after you finish the game. A playable Peach perhaps? Since she also have a tiara that looks like Cappy.

ninsigma397d ago

Oh nice, I didn't hear about that. Be great if new levels unlocked at the end (which will likely happen) and you get to play as other characters. Toad can use his mushroom hat to possess things: https://upload.wikimedia.or...


BenjaMan64398d ago

Nothing is impossible for The Plumber. He's got panache, after all.

Moonman398d ago

He's never let me down. Even Sunshine is classic. I'm ready!

ninsigma397d ago

Looks like a crazy fun time from the trailers! Really like the direction they went with it. Possession cap is awesome and I really like the 2D on walls mechanic.